We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

David Solano | Educator, Basketball coach and President of Solano’s No Limit Hoops

I think it’s a two-part answer. The first part is my girls are my legacy. How I raise them as a father. How I give them a chance to be successful. Am I raising them to be great? That’s truly a huge part of my legacy. Will my two daughters grow up to be successful in life, will they be successful parents, will they give back to the community they are from? Will they help inspire the next generation as I have inspired their generation. How they keep my memory alive after I am gone is a huge part of my legacy. That is a huge part of how I want to be remembered. The second part to my legacy is how the kids I’ve taught, coached or mentored remember me. I don’t want them to remember that I taught them how to read or find the main idea of an article, but I want them to remember my presence. How I was always there to help and how my presence in the community was always there and how I was always there without a camera. I volunteered my time because it was the right thing to do, not because I wanted to look good in the eyes of others. Read more>>

Selin Eskandarian | Musician

I want my legacy to be two things: The girl who people loved to listen to and the girl who made people laugh. I want people to enjoy listening to me as much as I love playing and singing. I want people to feel the emotions I feel through my art. I also want people to remember me as a musician with a great sense of humor! I LOVE making people laugh and using my music for some light comedy. I believe laughter is the best medicine and obviously, music is as well!. Read more>>

Isiah Haji | Electronic Music Artist

When I think of people remembering me I want them to remember two things. My music and my journey. I want those two things to inspire, motivate and drive people to go as big as far and reach as high as they ever can. Read more>>