We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Emily Leonard | Photographer

The driving force behind my personal life and my business are very similar which is why I believe my business has been as successful as it has been in the short time I’ve been running Emily Leonard Photography. I truly believe that the biggest take away from any relationship is how that person made you feel. Whether that be a professional, personal or romantic relationship the biggest impact, I believe, is the lasting effect that relationship has on someone. I never wanted to be someone who let someone feel like they fell between the cracks, or that they were just a number. My goal in life and my business have been to make each person feel genuinely special and give that person the time and platform in my life that they deserve. Read more>>

Sara Gullickson | CEO and Founder at The Cannabis Business Advisors

For me, having kids later in life is probably one of the most important things I’ve done for them. It allowed me the space and time to get my career situated so I could better support them and also have the ability to be there as a parent because I had built a team that could manage the company. I think waiting also helped me to be less reactive as a parent, the more life experience I was able to have prior to my kids, has given me a better, more well-rounded perspective. Read more>>

Genesis Adams | Hairstylist & Motivational Speaker

Not only do I want to be a Legend in the industry of doing hair , I also want to have a Legacy in changing peoples lives with my voice. I don’t like just doing hair for money or even creating more businesses for money, I appreciate just being able to meet new people , hear our testimonies and feeling like we’re creating a safe haven for each other without even having to know each other for that long. I want my legacy to be the woman who slays but prays for you and shares positive energy while also receiving a service from me. Read more>>