We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Janet McConnell | Personal Fitness Trainer, Published Author and Public Speaker on Healthy Aging

I had been in corporate life for 25 years as an educator, director of operations for 2 educational software companies and marketing manager for a technology university. Then, at the young-old age of 52, I quit corporate life cold turkey and became an entrepreneur. It was like jumping out of a plane and sewing the parachute on the way down. Worth it!! Read more>>

Ricardo Torres | Real Estate Investor & Air Force Pilot

I believe risk is a concept that stands in the way of either failure or success. How you approach the risk dictates what outcome you’ll get. If you simply take risks, you might achieve failure. Further, if you avoid risk, you might also achieve failure. However, if you calculate risk, that’s different. Calculating risk means weighing pros and cons, seeing what similar competitors are doing, how experts in the industry perform, and looking at the big picture, not just once or twice, but studying it ’til you know it cold. Read more>>

Maresha Braswell | Owner of Opulent Kurlz

Risk is something huge especially to someone who has anxiety, you always have that nagging voice that tells you not to do it, not to go forward with your dream and talks you down. Risk absolutely requires to be unsafe and be vunerable. You have to set aside your own negative thoughts as well as others negative thoughts and just dive in. When I first started my company in 2020 in the begining of the pandemic I kept saying to myself am I really going to do this now? Why didn’t I do this before? Read more>>

Alberta Chu | Fried Chicken Stand Owner & Food Instagrammer

I think taking a risk is when you are not feeling 100% ready for something but go forward with it anyway. Although I know that career changes are risky, I never obsessed over that fact when I went from working as an attorney to owning my own food business, Herculean Chicken, a pop-up food stand that sells Taiwanese style fried chicken. My original plan was to operate Herculean Chicken in Phoenix once a week while I kept my full time job as an attorney. Read more>>

Ose Sesay | Owner, CEO Push Strategist LLC , HR and Business Consulting Firm

I consider risk to be expected as a stop on the roadmap to success. There must be a point when we let our lives and the path we are on fall in the hands of God. It can be extremely scary , but once I put my full trust in and let go of self-control and trust our process, that is when we will see our life/career take off into another level. Starting a business is what I considered as my way to build generational wealth. I believe entrepreneurship when done correctly is the key out of poverty. I valued working in a traditional 9-5, but I knew long term that it would never allow me to become who I was destined to be. Read more>>