We all face tough decisions and often we struggle to make those choices because we aren’t sure how to think it through. We’ve found that it can be helpful to think about legacy. What do you want your legacy to be? Better understanding our end goal can often help us determine what to do today.

Mercedes Villa | Model & Motivator

I’ve always liked to think of myself as “A Healer.” Many times, people go through the worst circumstances during the worst of times and I don’t know how, but I always catch them at the moment that they needed someone most. Whether it’s talking to them about what they’re going through, giving them a random shoutout on social media, giving them reassurance/motivational words or simply making them laugh, they always say “you don’t know how much I needed that” and that simple gesture is something that they remember. Read more>>

Dr. Martha Crespo, DC | Chiropractor

I want people to learn the power of their own body to heal and thrive. I want people who trust in their body’s innate intelligence to live a vibrant life. That’s what chiropractic believes and that’s what I believe: we all have the ability to fully express health. We just need the right experiences and the right environment to allow this to happen. By having an active, fulfilled and balanced life we can promote this health expression day by day. And that’s what I want for people to discover. I want to leave this long lasting view of life and health. Read more>>

Austin Davis | Poet & Student Activist

I want to be remembered as someone who spent their life spreading love. My philosophy is to treat every person I meet — whether that’s a stranger, a friend, or a family member, with the thoughtfulness I’d show a loved one. What I mean by this is, I strive to give the attention, focus, acceptance, care and love I’d show my partner, best friend, or mother, to everyone I encounter. I think treating people in this way makes everyone feel a little happier, me included, and at the end of the day, what could be more important than that? Read more>>

Shanita Patterson | Personal Trainer

I would love for people to remember me as an individual who cares about everyone she came in contact with while training her clients. I want them to remember that I look at them as family and I’m helping them live a long happy fun filled life by being healthy. Read more>>

Sandra Greer | Photographer

I think that the biggest legacy I can leave behind is my children. I want them to continue to see the best in others, to always lend a helping hand, to love one another, and always remember that they can see the beauty in simple things. I would want people to be able to look back on their photos and remember that I was able to give them a moment that they could cherish for the rest of their lives. I would hope that the work that my kids and I do, would give someone else the idea to always find ways to help others. No matter how small the gesture is. Read more>>

Emily Molina | Clo-Cos Sweets Owner

My legacy…. my daughter! She is my EVERYTHING! And for her i’d go through anything and everything imaginable! They say when you bring a child to this earth tou give them life! In my scenario…. my daughter gave ME a reason to live! My legacy is to have my daughter fight for anything she wants! To fight and never give up! To fall 10 times but rise 20! The power of Faith is priceless and the very last thing to lose is Hope! Never give up! Fight through wind, tornadoes, fires, all possible for at the end of every storm the Sun will ALWAYS shine! Read more>>