Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Kim B. | Popcorn Maker

Our popcorn is made with only the best ingredients. Quality and attention to detail are our focus. Each batch is made by hand in small batches in our kitchen. Consistency and quality are what keep our customers coming back. Read more>>

Natasha Beal | Publisher

Our brand, Eculeus Group Publishing, is successful because we are a small local business that is passionate about the success of fellow small local businesses. We publish six hyperlocal community newspapers, meaning we focus on what’s happening in your neighborhood and right down the street. This resonates with our readers, who in turn, are proud to support the businesses who advertise with us and read the news we publish. We know what it’s like to be a small local business; each dollar that’s gained or lost, each late night, each success, each lesson learned. Our advertisers’ success is our success; and our success means more customers for them and more community awareness about what they do. We’re successful because we’re invested in the local community and we know about the ups and downs of being small business owners. It’s an experience we wouldn’t have any other way. Read more>>

Chloe Stanton | Arizona Portrait Photographer

I think for me personally, my most successful marketing tactic has been word of mouth and referrals. I try to make it a point to establish common ground when I meet someone new. Since I’ve photographed a wide variety of subjects, usually one of those subjects does come up naturally in conversation. In that way, I’m able to naturally bring up that I’m a photographer and share my work. People always know of someone that needs professional photographic services, whether it be updated business headshots, a relative’s wedding, or a new baby to the family. I’ve learned that people are much more likely to work with someone they know, or have at least established a base relationship with, rather than a stranger. After I book a new client by word of mouth or a referral, I do my utmost to make their experience with me nothing but positive, and make sure that they absolutely love their photos. When someone loves their photos, they naturally want to share them! And so the referral train continues on. Read more>>

Maria Bryant | Model/Investor

I think the most important factor behind my success would be staying true to myself. It’s so easy to get lost in all of the noise or keep up with the “hype”. I come from humble beginnings. I grew up in the ghetto’s of Ohio, near Cincinnati to be exact. I was emancipated by the age of 16 and always finding different ways to hustle, It was either hustle or go hungry. I’m not sure if you’ve ever wondered where your next meal is going to come from but the lessons that fear will teach you are some you won’t forget. I promised myself when things started picking up that I would always stay true to myself and always try to do the right thing. Always remembering where I come from and my humble beginnings. Over the years I’ve met several individuals like myself. That have that same hunger, that drive. You can tell the people who have really clawed and fought there way through some sort of battle to get to where they are. I love seeing people like that make it out on the other side and treat themselves. Last year I decided to treat myself to a 720s Mclaren. Read more>>

Drea Quintero | Aesthetician

Transparency, integrity and passion would be the top three factors. I always aspire to set realistic expectations for my clients and always work diligently to research the most effective active ingredients and treatment options. I absolutely love the education aspect that comes with sharing the “why” and “how” to achieve desired results and look forward to helping my clients find solutions for their skin needs. Read more>>