We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Tommy Maher | Fire Commissioner SHFD

I’m inspired by genuine people who do what they can to try and make someone else’s life better Read more>>

Austin James | Used car sales and finance expert

I am considered 3rd generation in my family to own the business. Started in 1979 James Tire Sales helped give birth to my baby, James Motorsports. Established in 2012, James Motorsports provides Apache Junction and surrounding cities affordable and dependable used vehicles. My inspiration comes from my dad and my grandpa who built our family business from the ground up. My grandpa spent the early years filling a truck up with tires and driving through the Southwest delivering to trading posts and tire shops. My dad had a vision to turn our tire shop into a one stop auto service center that can tackle almost any job. Without their hard work and dedication, I honestly would not be where I am today. They have taught me so much through the years about perseverance and service to the community. I owe all my success to them, thank you so much! Read more>>

Jade McClendon | OWNER & ARTIST Studio BB Designs

Without a doubt… Our incredible, loyal customers inspire us every single day. We get such amazing messages and testimonials from women who LOVE our art just as much as we love creating it. We have built a community with the most unbelievable women over the years that have become not only loyal customers but lifelong friends. Read more>>

Daniel Lehenbauer | Photographer, Producer, Psychic Reader

With the work I do, I’ve always been inspired by aspects of the occult. I tend to move from one area of it to the next within my work. When I started shooting at 16, I was inspired by fairytales. I wanted to do the type of shoots that made people feel something through the light and the image itself. My goal was simple: make people see themselves in a different light, through the light they’re shot in, then maybe they can see an aspect that was never once seen before. Even though fairytales started my inspiration, I changed my path and started seeing more in the occult and horror movies. Old classics like Scream, Friday the 13th, Chucky, etc. I’ve always been inspired by the type of perseverance those main characters had to face through their own devistations. Sometimes to reach the end and sometimes to not. I find that work isn’t fully linear, it’s always changing and that’s what’s exciting about pulling out those kind of inspirational paths in what I enjoy to shoot. Read more>>

Dustin Moore | Creative Agency Owner

Hope. Hope is not measurable, yet it is among the most powerful forces in our world. Hope stirs the heart, stimulates the mind and sharpens our focus. Hope motivates us to strive for a better future not yet realized. Hope is optimism that the best is yet to come. Hope is belief and without belief one is doomed to failure. Thankfully for me, hope truly does spring eternal. Read more>>