Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Christopher Molina | Owner Unwavered Custom Apparel & Sportswear

You hear all the time about companies having an awesome Slogan or motto but I wanted my branding to dig a little deeper. I own Unwavered Custom Apparel and Sportswear. Our motto is Failure is not Fatal, we must remain Unwavered. The importance of this motto plays evidence in our everyday work. We want our teams and clients to wear our custom apparel with pride but more importantly be reminded each time they pull over there hoodies, jerseys or apparel to be reminded to continue to fight for there dreams and have an unwavering attitude as they face the world around them. I think this is one reason our company continues to grow an show success. Our clients see our passion and great work ethics. Read more>>

Mary Rinell | Photo Journalist and Female Ambassador of Extreme Athletes

50/50 resilience and resourcefulness. If I had to pick a ‘sure-fire’ suggestion to give for anyone starting anything worthwhile, it would be resilience: keep showing up. Be the YES (wo)man for as long as you see fit in order to establish yourself within that community. And resourcefulness: resources are abundant in this world. You may not have the thing you think you need to accomplish the goal you’re after now.. but with enough effort and a bit of creativity you 100% can find whatever it is you need to keep going. Take action, and stick with it! No matter what the weather might bring. Read more>>

Joniqué Beach | Paddleboard rental shop owner

The most important factor behind my success of myself and my brand/company would be my transparency. I wanted my business to be a reflection of myself and what I stand for. Very family based and all about exploring nature while creating memories with those close to you and letting go of the world around you so you can just being in the moment. With the world of social media and never knowing if what you see is real or filtered I wanted to just be me, show up as myself every day and and I think that refreshing change made it easier for people to connect with me and feel comfortable. People like real. Read more>>

KRYPTiC | Hip Hop Artist & Videographer

I believe the most important factor behind my recent success is maintaining consistency. Being consistent is one of the most difficult things to do in the music industry because everything is always changing and fluctuating. I pay attention to very small details that most people look over and make sure everything is up-to-par with the industry standard. When I’m in the studio staying up late to make sure a mix comes out perfect or when I’m designing flyers for my tour with all the details, everything has to be consistent and on point. I think that translates with my audience well and they see how hard I work to make sure everything is presentable. My work ethic is consistency driven so no matter what I’m doing I make sure it gets done in a timely manner and proficiently. Read more>>