We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them.  Check out their responses below.

Jenna Spets | Lifestyle Photographer

For years I’ve viewed my surroundings as if I were looking at them through a lens. Wherever and whenever I would be out, one of my first thoughts would be how I would frame somebody for a shot. Bars, streets, hiking trails, buildings, beaches, Disneyland…wherever I was, I’d be thinking up at least 10 different shots in my head. I’m constantly inspired by the things around me. I love looking at locations that aren’t your typical place for a photo op and coming up with a creative and unique shot within them. I truly believe that with the right eye and vision, you can create something beautiful out of anything. With the idea that you can make any shot unique, beautiful, fun and interesting… I’m constantly feeling inspired by my surroundings. Read more>>

Jean Cottereau | Landscaping Specialist

I’m inspired by uncommon people. People who took the jump and figured out how to be successful. The uncommon people who went left instead of right. Inspiration to me is someone that took a risk, and put everything on the line to ensure their business would succeed. Read more>>

Tyler Copenhaver-Heath | President

I am inspired by seemingly average people who live for greater causes than themselves. Recently I watched the documentary Virguna. The caretaker in the film is one of my heroes. There is a line in the movie where he says “you have to be about something in live, and I am about the gorilla”. The unsung heroes of this world inspire me. Read more>>