There is a wealth of research that indicates that certain habits can help increase your productivity, creativity, and/or drive. So, we thought we’d reach out to respected members of our community and ask them what habits they feel helped them succeed.

Mindy Jones | Real Estate Professional & Team Owner, Amy Jones Real Estate Group

When I transitioned from the corporate world to real estate, I never stopped using my alarm clock. Although being self employed means “flexibility” in work schedule for many – I viewed the flexibility as something that would come WITH my hard work, not before it. I knew that in order to reach my goals, I needed to first understand with clarity what my goals were, how much time I needed to allot to them and what areas I needed to focus on, and I knew that I needed a workspace that supported me and my vision. Before I had the money to invest in an office outside of my home, my basement became my office and I WENT TO WORK there, every day. I got up at the same time I would have if I had to travel to my corporate job, I got dressed in the same clothes and shoes that mirrored by professional attitude and commitment, I even put my coffee in a “to go” tumbler instead of pouring it into a mug – and I gathered my things, headed downstairs, and didn’t come back up until my day was over. Read more>>

Zulema Bossa Jattin | Model & Content Creator

Definitely following what I believed it was right to do, don’t letting people affect what I thought or wanted to do. Hard work, every goal I have, i try and give all my best to achieve it, it is fundamental to keep trying and don’t giving up. Actions I take, I always try to make them as good as I can’t, but if we don’t give an effort it will be impossible for us to achieve it. Dream, experience, live, and don’t being afraid of the surroundings, learning and taking advantage of the big world we live in. Read more>>

Jodi Light | Professional Vocalist, Musician, Actress, Author, CEO and Youth Life Coach

What habits do you feel helped you succeed? Ahhh…SHOW BIZ! The lights, stages, music, singing, dancing, acting, audiences and applause! A wonderful, crazy, creative industry that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing since the age of two. We have to remember that show “biz” is short for “Business” which can be a tricky, unpredictable, roller coaster ride…especially during a pandemic. That said, it’s a ride that I wouldn’t have missed for the world! We also feel blessed to have been highly successful in the industry, and I’m thrilled to pass along some healthy habits that we feel helped with that outcome. Here are the three companies that I own and run from the oldest to the newest: THE SHINING STAR BAND This year marks the 25 year anniversary of The Shining Star Band of which I am the band leader, lead vocalist and coordinator along with my husband Mario Mendivil, as bassist extraordinaire and musical director. Shining Star is AZ’s premier dance / party and variety band for corporate events, weddings, fundraisers, country club member events and galas. Read more>>