We have the good fortune of connecting with so many bright, accomplished folks from a variety of industries and we often ask them to tell us what they feel has been the most important factor behind their success.  We’ve shared some highlights below.

Teresa Auva’a | Dance & Fitness Professional, Creator of intensiT Dance Fitness

(in.ten.si.ty) intensiT Dance Fitness is built upon culture, community and connection. Any success we have had is absolutely because of the positive, genuine, and like minded community of people who have been brought together by shared passions. These incredible individuals support and build each other up on and off the dance floor. Dance is simply the vehicle we use to draw people together. But what each presenter and attendee contributes to each experience by sharing their similar values, kind hearts and genuine authentic selves, truly fuels our brand. Read more>>

Derek Osborne | Brewer | Chiropractor

The product must speak for itself. A gimmicky flavor, a catchy name or fancy label might get some sales but is it the right product? Build the product first then put it out to the world, drop your ego and listen to the feedback. If I could give any advice to anyone wanting to create anything, it would be those 4 steps. Fortunately for me, my passion is in making something true to style rather than to my own taste. I would struggle if I only wanted to brew beer that I am passionate about drinking. There are plenty of great brewers that do just this and have a following and are satisfied with what they are doing. I am envious of them in some ways but it’s not big enough for me. With beer there is something for everyone and you can’t just put people in a lane and expect them to drink what’s in their lane. Read more>>

Nicole Dahl | Creative Director, Hotel McCoy

This is an easy question. The number one contributor to the success of Hotel McCoy and our ability to survive Covid is the people behind the hotel. Our front desk team, each one passionate, caring and authentically friendly and they do so much more than check people in, our housekeeping team, outstanding professionals who treat each room as if someone they love is staying in it, our Facilities Manager, who is creative and knowledgeable, our Night Auditor team, who are organized and have an incredible eye for detail, our department leads, who step up and take initiative daily, and our AGM, who has this positive energy and incredible natural knack for leadership, Every person who works with us is more than a job title. Read more>>

Dez Ferrell | Custom Painter & Automotive Restoration Tech

I think the single most important factor to my success is to always try. There are plenty of obstacles and even opportunities that i come across that absolutely terrify me. That make me question the purpose and direction I want to go in life. But I’ve always attempted / tried / and either I’ve failed or succeeded. to me failing isn’t scary it’s just a stepping stone to get one step closer to success. Read more>>

Clark Williams | Barbershop Owner

The most important factor behind my success would have to be the consistency in believing in myself, and my work. Once I gained the confidence to believe in what I do and the product that I have, I was able to confidently push my brand more. As my branding began to be noticed, I started to see and hear about it more throughout phoenix and other surrounding areas. Read more>>