Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Nicole Anders | Wife, Mother, & Business Owner

Providing a happy household, where everyones needs are being met is what makes me happy. This includes my husband, Mycal, our two children, Trystan and Camryn, as well as myself. When each of us is receiving what we need from each other, we are better able to show up as our best and highest versions of ourselves; in life, in our professional career, and in our relationships with each other. Mycal and I own a demanding, yet thriving business, on top of having two young children who deserve to have two parents who are present and at their best as much as possible. This requires honest, constant communication and quite the balancing act between Mycal and I. Every day is different. Some days I have to provide a little more, other days Mycal needs to provide a little more, to make our happy household run smoothly. We work extremely hard at providing this type of functionality for our family. Every single minute is worth it. Read more>>

Derrick Polder | Real Estate Lender and Investor

Growth. Pushing not only myself to build new skills and take on new challenges but also encouraging those in my life to do the same. I feel such joy when people become a greater version of themselves. Read more>>

Kanu Jacobsen | Love Guru

I believe that I am found my true passion and I am so grateful. To answer this question though I have to share a testimonial I received last week: “Kanu’s Love Attractor Program has been a revelation for me. It helped me realize that my greatest hurdle to finding love was not the excuses I have been using for years, things like there are no good men out there, or that love has simply passed me by. For me, the biggest hurdle to finding love is feeling worthy of love. Kanu really helped me understand for the first time in my life, that one attracts love by only developing a love attractor mindset. And for that, one has to get very very clear about one’s values and prepare the landscape to attract and receive love. Thank you so much Kanu” Working with someone like the client above and revealing the barriers that stop them from attracting their ideal mate really makes me happy. Knowing that the work I do with my clients helps even other relationships thrive as well. Read more>>