We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

John Wathen | Artist

The pursuit of new experiences makes me happy. I once thought traveling, doing different jobs, and meeting new people were some of the best ways to expand my understanding of life. The more I experienced, the more diverse I became. My happiness wasn’t what I achieved, but rather what I learned along the way. Every moment was an opportunity to appreciate the small things, so I was grateful for every second. Read more>>

Jennifer Esseiva | Digital marketing coordinator and fine art photographer

This is a very broad question and difficult to answer because many things make me happy: being with the people I love, having eaten well in a restaurant, cuddling my cat, going on a trip or seeing the Christmas decorations. But photography is one thing that really makes me happy. It allows me to express my emotions through my images. I need to do photography to feel good. It’s a real engine that allows me to grow. Read more>>

Taylor Victoria | Artist

Painting. Painting is the thing that lights up my whole being. Whenever I have my paint brushes in hand and am in the act of creating, I feel a sense of peace wash over me. Being a human means enduring conflict, struggle, and facing challenges. None of us have a free pass that gets us out of painful experiences. However, also true of life is that we each have our unique gifts. My art is my way of contributing to the beauty of this world. Both the process and the final product bring me great joy! In addition to painting, I also really love spending time outdoors hiking, running, and practicing yoga. All of these activities ground me and bring me back to my center. Read more>>

Sherrel Campbell | Author

Waking up to the sunrise each morning makes me happy. Seeing the sunset each evening before I go to bed at night makes me happy. When I see the sunrise it reminds me that I’ve been given another chance to enjoy life and the sunset means that I survived another day. Read more>>

Alfred Paila | Photographer

There are lots of things that could make me happy however, photography is definitely one of them. Reasons behind my happiness is that with photography, I make money and it allows me to be around beautiful women all the time. The demand of photographers has increased immeasurably. It is like a new trend and a very good prospect potentially. Women are always in the mirror and so do they want photos of themselves as well all the time. My past career in aviation has being working around men all the time whilst with photography, my clients are mostly women. I Love it because of seeing their beautiful smiles in their faces after a good shoot. It makes me feel good that my work is done and well accepted by the recipient. Read more>>

Shina Choi | Artist

What makes you happy? I could list several things. OK, I don’t know why but coffee comes to my mind first! LOL The happy moments in my daily life with my beloved children and husband are the most valuable to me. Clear air, blue skies, cotton candy clouds, trees that shake lightly in the wind, moist rain, distant green ridges and, of course, the ocean cures all bad moods! As an artist, I am happy when I can get inspiration from all these beautiful natural elements and express them in my paintings in a variety of ways. Read more>>

Joseph Parker | Youth Football Coach

Leaving my mark each child at a time. This makes me happy because I know that I’m giving kids life lessons that they will use their whole lives. My goal is to be a positive role model and I feel like with each kid that I coach I’m getting closer and closer to that goal. Read more>>

Izabela Oldak | Artist, Painter, Tattooer, Art Curator, Healer

Making art makes me happy. Since I could hold a pen or pencil, I started to draw, later on to paint. All my education was art oriented. Art become my way of expression, my way of life, my occupation and my work.  When I paint, draw or make tattoos I can totally merge with what I am doing. My ego is vanishing, and I can be in this amazing state of mind, that brings me happiness, calmness, focus and satisfaction. Read more>>

Justin Lowry | Adventure Photographer

My vision blurs in and out briefly as I clench my jaw and muscle the pedals of my bike one more revolution. One more revolution… one more and another in a seemingly endless cycle of pushing my pedals and pulling my handlebars as I struggle to push my bike and I up the narrow, rough, winding road to Bown’s Peak. Read more>>