We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Don Majer | Fashion Stylist

When I am able to think creatively and express my authentic self I am happiest. I grew up very sheltered and hid a lot of who I really am from the world. Once I realized that there was no need to present a mask to anyone and that it was okay to be different and express myself, I found that I was so much happier. I believe that if you love yourself and are confident in who you really are, the world has no choice but to accept you. Read more>>

Lin Seeger | LMT & skater

There are a lot of individual aspects of life that make me happy. The list could probably go on & on with the big stuff like my family & friends to the small things like smooth concrete & perfect skating weather. But none of that is what truly makes me happy. What makes me happy is my ability to be in the present moment & truly appreciate all of what this life experience has to offer. When you live with gratitude on your mind, you find happiness is easier to come by. Read more>>

Jennifer Wakeman | UniquePNW Creator

Travel is what brings me the most joy! My husband Tyler and I love to experience new places together. You can learn so much by traveling. It keeps you open-minded and you can learn so much about, and from, other people! Sharing our travel adventures and helping others explore is also a huge source of happiness for me. I want people to see what our incredible nation has to offer! Read more>>