Our businesses can feel like a part of us and so it’s often awkward to talk about why we are proud of our businesses, but it’s important to do so because talking about what makes us proud is what helps us double down on the values, principles, and best practices that matter most.

Krista Manus | Boudoir Photographer

Early on it was proving people wrong. It’s probably a little cliche, but when I first started considering my business someone told me that I couldn’t make a living/have a full-time business shooting only boudoir. That has always been stuck in my head and I wanted to prove them wrong. It’s been a long road (6+ years!) with a lot of ups/downs, tears, and laughter but I can look back and say that I build something amazing. Now its hearing the excitement of my clients when they see their art; hearing how much their significant other loved their gift; hearing how amazing they felt after a session. Read more>>

Chloe Bee | Herbalist, Community Educator, Dancer

The structures surrounding capitalism in America have shown to be supported by the scaffolding of coloniality, racism, sexism…and trust in the pharmaceutical industry complex. We have been carried into a negative feedback loop of being severed from our roots and from our seeds by policies and procedures designed to blind the practical magic of mother Earth, sister Ocean, father Sky, brother Fire. Not to gender the elements through these words, but more so I intend to create sensual imagery for whoever comes to read or hear or see these words. Read more>>

Samantha Wetter | Wetter Photography, LLC

It took many years of self education, hard work and perseverance to get where I am. I’m thankful I chose a career where I can continue learning as it is an ever evolving art. And each year I continue setting goals for myself, no matter how big or small. For that, I am most proud. Read more>>

Dominick DiMichele | C.E.O. and Producer – N.E.S. Bridal / Scottsdale Bridal Expo

I am most proud when I think of all of the small businesses that were able to grow by presenting at our shows. When you start to think of how many businesses participated over the years and all the new clients they were able to service, the numbers are pretty impressive. It’s amazing to me to be able to contribute to that ecosystem and see that type of success for our vendors. Read more>>

Michael Schoonover | Vintage Map Nerd & History Teacher

In preserving and framing vintage maps, I am most proud that people display them prominently in their homes and offices. I am proud that people admire the maps that I’ve prepared just as much as I love the process. Read more>>