“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Athen Fisher | Marriage and Family Therapist

Authenticity – being myself and true to myself and allowing others to also be who they are. Much of my work as a marriage and family therapist, working with couples and individuals, is going on the journey with clients to uncovering, discovering, embracing and living more fully in their authentic self and being able to honor, respect and love that self. In couples work, it is more about being your authentic self, showing up and that being accepted and supported by your partner- a soft space to land. The true self is nurturing, growth-oriented, loving and wants what is best for ourself and significant others. Read more>>

Meghan Ensell | Writer, Editor and Storyteller

Vulnerability. It’s the foundation to relationships and connection. We don’t truly connect with people — which I think is the main reason we are here, on earth — unless we show each other who we really are. I believe that in showing someone our flaws, we allow that person to let down their guard and take off their mask. Vulnerability breeds vulnerability. Read more>>

Natasha Campbell | Business and Money Mentor For Women Entrepreneurs

Helping women build wealth from the inside out is my superpower. I just believe that when you have a positive relationship with yourself it helps to improve your confidence with money and what your able to give back to your family, community, and the world through your purpose. Read more>>

Mirror Mom | Edutainor & National Day Ambassador

Spreading joy and celebrating every day! I’ve said to my kids so many times: “Any day that you get to wake up is a reason to celebrate, especially because many might’ve lost that opportunity.“  They experienced a tragic loss a few years ago and know exactly how true this is. I want to teach them how to make the most of every day and have fun along the way. Came across and started incorporating National Holidays to help show them that there is literally always a reason to celebrate! We already practiced daily affirmations, I wrote them on our restroom mirror (sometimes it’s a whiteboard or our patio window), later I added National Days along with other topics to educate and keep them entertained.  I grew up listening to Bob Marley and incorporate one love in everything I do.   I wake up and give thanks every day I get a chance to spread love.  Kindness is free so I make sure to sprinkle it everywhere I go. Read more>>