“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Alexis Showers | LMT, Herbalist, Yoga Instructor, Doula

The value that I stand behind is this: Healthy individuals create healthy families. Healthy families create healthy communities  Healthy communities create a healthy world. If we as individuals are not healthy emotionally, physically, mentally, financially ect. We teach our drama to our family members which becomes trauma. Healthy families can be come in all shapes, sizes, and members, but if we each aren’t healthy we drag our drama and trauma out of the house and into our community, our work space, it permeates all aspects. When communities break down it compounds each individuals issues and becomes a cycle. So in a long about way the value of personal holistic health is where it is at for me. Read more>>

Ree Boado | Vocal Coach, Singer Songwriter, Artist, and Writer

Authenticity and honesty are the most important values to me as a human and as a creative artist. If a person truly expresses themselves from a place of realness and vulnerability, that opens the door for true connection, no matter what our differences in life may be. This is a big focal point in my work as a vocal coach. I want my singers to take the risk of laying their heart out on the stage for every single song. Showing up and letting people see who they truly are, imperfections and all. That’s what bonds us as humans. I believe that’s the reason we originally resonated with music. We heard a song and the emotion connected with us at a deep level and it all began with courageous authenticity. Read more>>

Ceylan Rowe | Entrepreneur & Advocate for Gender Equity

Integrity. Being honest as an entrepreneur with my customers, my employees , with my period partners and of course myself is really important. Hiring people with integrity matters to me. Trust and honesty are traits that I can never stray from. It’s my core. Not wavering from my moral compass really matters to me. Read more>>

Angelika Kaprelian | Founder of Love Love Sweets – A Unique Premium Unprocessed and Plant-Based Desserts

When people take a bite of my creation they may not know the story behind it, but I hope they can feel my heart. My desserts are my way of sharing, creating, and continuing to walk my purpose of bringing joy to others! That’s how I came up with the name Love Love Sweets. The double love means Love yourself and Love what you eat! Whether you want a birthday cake, wedding cake, or just a sweet treat for your cravings, Love Love Sweets is here to serve you with truly delicious and nutritious cakes! I truly believe that being healthy starts with what you put into your body and if you properly nourish yourself then your body will love you back! Read more>>

Ian Adrian | Wildlife Photographer and Solar Energy Consultant

Operating in a conscientious manner, both in fulfilling promises to clients, and protecting our beautiful planet. Good planets are hard to come by, and the more respectable we treat others, the more good that will come our way. Consequently, people want to look out for you after a really great business experience. Read more>>

Alisha Taylor | Owner & Design Director of Alisha Taylor Interiors

Kindness! Owning a luxury interior design business we work with not only luxury clients, but builders, architects, vendors and laborers on the jobsite. Being kind to everyone no matter what their role is in the project means that every aspect of a project comes out to its potential, sharing in the pride of a great design and project complete at the end! Read more>>