How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Nicole Hanhan | EMDR Therapist & Owner

I’ve been doing my own research on this matter so it’s exciting to see this topic align here. I started my business in the midst of COVID and it felt pretty risky considering the current climate. The steps I had to take required another part of me to show up. A risk I’ve been taking is with being seen. It’s a new level of showing up for myself and I’m asked to show different parts of me which has felt vulnerable. My business is my face, my personality, my education, my experience, my knowledge and so on. As my own boss, I had to learn quickly that if I don’t conquer one room, I can’t go into the next. Read more>>

Kathryn Roberts | Social Media Marketing Content Strategist & Coach

I think of risk as the measure of if a decision is going to be worth it or not. One of the biggest risks I ever took in my life was to leave my first career, working in PR for college sports back in 2016. The rewards of leaving a job that no longer served me far outweighed the stress and burnout I felt every day while staying there, and I was even able to maintain some of the responsibilities I did enjoy, but now working as an independent contractor, on my own schedule. Read more>>

Tracy Wallace | Wine Bar Owner

Risk is something I have never been a fan of. You will not see me gambling or bungee jumping because those are risks I won’t take. I always prefer the guarantee that I am not wasting my time or money on something. But here I am. I opened a business in an industry I knew only a small amount about and used all of our savings plus a business loan to do it. Read more>>

Beya Salene | Artist

In the beauty industry, an artist’s success is based on their individual creativity and unique style. To get noticed, you’ve got to be out of the box and take risk to try new things. Every time I and other artist post our work, there’s always the knowledge that not everybody will like it. Read more>>