How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Kira Davis | Teacher & Small Business Owner

Nothing in life comes without taking risks. To be successful, you must take a risk. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. The thought of failing is not only embarrassing but terrifying, but success does not come without the risk of failure. This is something I came to terms with this past year. Before starting my business, I was a teacher. Read more>>

Neil Giuliano | President & CEO-Greater Phoenix Leadership

Taking measured risk is essential to personal and professional growth. Those calculations are critical and the big ones should be made in consultation with your support group, coach and trusted partners. Without taking risk I would never have run for public office and had the opportunity to serve as mayor of Tempe for ten years. Without measured risk we would never have built Tempe Town Lake or regional light rail. Without taking risk we would never grow and become more, add value and accomplish great things. My saying is: the challenges we face will equal the greatness we desire. Read more>>

Katherine Bacon | Wedding and Portrait Photographer

To provide some background – my first career was in IT Infrastructure and technology management consulting. At the time, my life was network closets and VPN setups and eventually software selections and multi-hour discovery meetings. Wedding and portrait photography for me during that time was my “fun job” – something I could look forward to on weekends and enjoy for the sake of it. Read more>>

Andrew Sinichar | Marketing Agency & Selfie Museum Owner

I have strong feelings about risk what it is and what it means to me. Some people look at me and say I take a lot of risks. They speak about my risk tolerance. For me everything is risky it just depends on the risk you want. Working at a company for 30 years is risky. I personally would rather fail than not try. Everything I have from my relationships to my businesses is because I took a chance and risked it. Read more>>

Kortney Leet | Founder & Designer

The fear of failure or putting my family in financial hardship held me back from starting my company for years. A 9-5 job is safe and consistent. You never have to worry about when your next paycheck is going to come or how your going to pay your bills if you don’t have any customers. Taking risks is of course scary and uncomfortable, something that by human nature we try to avoid. Read more>>

Ryan Dobson | Fine Art Photographer & Nurse

Risk taking in the world of photography can look like many different things and in many ways resembles the risks we take in life. For me, as a new photographer to the scene, a lot of the risks I take revolve around putting my work out into the world in hopes that it can be seen. Read more>>

William Turner | Private Chef and Entrepreneur

Risk-taking is definitely a part of doing business, I would not be here if I had not taken risk. However I try to take calculated risks and look at what is the potential loss and what is the potential reward. Read more>>

UniquelyRochelles | Film and photography booking location

The first real risk I took in my life was deciding that my career was going to be becoming a professional ballet dancer. I risked not going to college and auditioning for Ballet Arizona at age 15. I was accepted into the company at 15 and had to learn very quickly, the professional world. Read more>>