How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Katelyn Chill | Artist & Graphic Designer

I think taking on risk is essential when you want to succeed at anything. Life itself involves risk because even something as mundane as driving involves the risk of injury or death. As a graphic designer, I am aware of the risks involved in working in a very competitive field and the possible job instability that entails that. Through my life and my career, I have learned that while taking risks can be a terrifying thing, you are often glad you did so and can benefit for years to come because you risked something. I’ve found that if you want to better yourself at anything, you must be willing to take risks that might make you uncomfortable. Read more>>

Sam Goulden | Founder of MNML GOLF Co

I view any intentional and committed action as risk averse. I mean, if I’m making an intentional decision with the the information available to me and I’m committed to it, I accept the potential for failure or, in other words, for my intention to not be met. Risk seems more like not making intentional and committed decisions. In that sense I’d say I avoid it at all costs. I hate being in a position where I am not sure what to do, where to go, etc. I want to be certain – even if I know that certainty is possibly flawed. At the end of the day, in my mind this is my story to write. That I am in charge of my destiny. And that as long as I’m intentional and committed, I’m pursuing life with purpose. That’s probably the most important thing to me at this time. Read more>>

Cody Kinney | Fretted and Orchestral Luthier

I think taking risks is a huge part growing as a person. Conquering that fear of the unknown instead of allowing yourself to continue to feel comfortable. For most of my life I was afraid to take those leaps because fear can be overwhelming. I would have to think out every possible outcome before I made a decision. That fear freezing me in my place even if I knew staying where I was would leave me to feel empty and depressed. It wasn’t till the birth of my son that I started to see what life really meant to me. What kind of person I wanted to be for myself and my son. It would be one of my greatest regrets if I taught him to be so afraid of life that he didn’t take the risks to live it. Read more>>

Ron Niebrugge | Professional Photographer.

When it comes to risk, observers of my career might immediately think of my photos up close with bears in Alaska, or camping in a remote canyon in Arizona or trying to get to shore in rough weather in Antarctica. However, for me, I don’t think of those activities as risky. Not that something couldn’t go wrong, but I believe my decades of experience allow me to experience and judgement all me to photograph these places with a reasonable amount of safety. Most of us think nothing of driving on a busy highway even though it might be one of the riskiest activities we my do in a given day because we feel in control. I feel the same way when photographing in nature. Read more>>

Nevin Hernandez | Hairdresser

I think that risk is not something to be taken lightly, but there are times where we must be flexible with risk in order to grow. There will always come a time in our lives where we face a decision, dilemma, or opportunity where risk is involved. Although it can be easy to focus on the consequences, we must always be aware of the possible enrichment that can also come from taking a risk. Up to this point in my life and career I have focused on creating a balance with risk. I rely on a combination of intuition and big picture thinking to strategize when it comes to taking a risk. Throughout my career there have been several pivotal moments where I was faced with decisions which involved what I consider significant risk. Read more>>

Agnes Chau | President & Founder of The Empowered Heart, Inc. | Transformation Coach at Agnes Chau LLC

Taking risks are part of life, and are needed to live a life beyond one could ever imagine is possible. There are different types of risks; the daredevil risks taken for exhilarating fun, the calculated risks, and the ones that can change the course of one’s life and impact the lives of many. When I chose to go into Engineering, it was a huge risk as my parents were against it. They thought it was a man’s profession, that I wouldn’t get a job, and that I wouldn’t do well. I understand now that they were trying to protect me based on what they knew at the time. Read more>>

Emily Cartagine | Artist & Craftsperson

There’s a misconception about what it means to take risks. Taking risks doesn’t always mean choosing the seemingly most ambitious option. For me, taking risks has meant taking the road less traveled and making my own way. Growing up in New York and pursuing a career in theatre, I felt like there was a path laid out for me. Just like most of my high school class, I could move home after college, commute into NYC, save up until I could afford an apartment in Brooklyn, and continue this career path to work on Broadway shows. This certainly would have been an ambitious path requiring plenty of hard work, but I needed to see what else was out there. So instead I took a job at Arizona Theatre Company and moved to this desert city called Tucson knowing practically nothing about it. Read more>>

Backpack Sway | Artist & Graphic Designer

Risk taking is almost necessary as a creative. No matter what it is you create, you have to be willing to bet on yourself in order to grow your art. Risk is going to play a huge factor in my career because I plan to continue to grow my music and art as an independent artist. Having to invest in yourself comes with risk, but when you have full ownership of your work; it will be way more profitable in the end. Read more>>

Thom Brodeur | CEO, Brand Creator and Builder of Great Teams

Cliche as it sounds, most big risks lead to big rewards so I’d say the majority of the decisions I’ve made throughout my career have been pretty big bets. All in, and fully committed. A few times that led to setbacks or things not going as anticipated. And still, I’d have made the decision the same way if given the opportunity to do it again. Read more>>