We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

A.P. Nuri | Artist & Creative Influencer

How much work and time is put into every piece. The growing fad within the Western world is the idea of passive income, that you shouldn’t have to work to make money. So many people have lost touch with the importance of quality and honoring those who work hard so others can enjoy leisure and beauty. If there was something I wish every customer who viewed my products knew, it would be that spending time on something one loves is not only work but it makes those handmade products priceless. Read more>>

Sara Miles Canine Behavior & Training Specialist | Canine Behavior & Training Specialist

Dog training as an industry is completely unregulated! Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, regardless of experience or education. It’s so important that pet owners learn about a trainer’s background and what certifications they hold (and the code of ethics that generally agree to when earning those certifications). I work very hard on pursuing certifications and continuing education to bring the safest and most efficient training methods to my clients, and to provide evidence of my expertise in changing behavior. I train dogs in front of my clients so they can see all the methods and techniques I employ, and I always share the reasons behind any technique I’m using so the owner understands why I chose it and why I’m avoiding other techniques they may have used in the past. Research on canine behavior has exploded in the last couple of decades and the evidence is pointing away from using punishment to train dogs. Read more>>

Holly Sherman | Home Stager

I think when many people think of home staging they really only consider the design component. Beyond the design service we essentially provide rental services. While some in the industry may rent their furniture for each job, we keep multiple homes worth of furniture in a local warehouse for us to source from during each engagement. We’ve found that this better allows us to control the quality of the product and makes sure we’re able to deliver on the design concepts we share with our customers. In fact, the inventory component is what makes the industry so challenging. Beyond sourcing the warehouse space (we currently keep a little over 1,000 sq ft), we have to maintain a smart, beautiful and durable inventory that can keep up with changing trends and provide a return on investment. We have worked hard to build an inventory that we feel is versatile enough to compliment multiple architectural styles and allows us to serve all kinds of clients. Read more>>

Room Full of Hammers | Room Full of Hammers is The Musical Collaboration of Composers Thomas Laufenberg and Craig Wallach

Probably the degree to which a viewer sees a film differently because of what they’re hearing musically. It’s really sleight of hand; it’s like a magic trick sometimes. Going back and watching scenes we’ve scored without the music really drives home the importance of music in film and television. The music takes the viewer to where the filmmaker wants to go emotionally. That’s when it’s doing its job, and most of the time viewers aren’t truly aware it’s happening. Read more>>

Diana Anghelus | Makeup Artist & Realtor

Most of people think that being a makeup artist means doing makeup all day long, playing with colors or trying new beauty products. From outside it seems a fun job which I am not saying it cannot be sometimes. What outsiders do not know, is that once you get into this profession, there is more than just makeup involved. As a business owner, in order to have clients in my chair, I have to work towards getting these clients. This means a lot of marketing which let’s be honest, takes a lot of time, making sure to be active on social media, creating a website and keeping it up to date, getting the business on different platforms in order to be found by potential clients, answering to emails, communicating and creating timelines for different type of jobs etc. And let’s not forget about the financial part. We do not get to keep all the money, we have to pay taxes as well, so keeping track of the income as well as all the expenses is another responsibility of our job. Read more>>