We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Giulja Meta | Travel content creator

Working as a travel content creator is something that people really can’t understand especially in Italy. They use to ask me how is that possible that I gain money out of that, they ask me how can I be paid “only to share some videos and pictures”. They have no idea about the hours and hours of work behind this job, behind my content, my projects and so on. Read more>>

Annie F. Sharp Holly F. Jones | Owners

It’s all in the details….! We were so excited at the amazing opportunity to embark on our event rental business that, truthfully, there were many details we didn’t stop to consider. We jumped in and boy have those details revealed themselves. Ironically, one thing we have found in our years of working with clients, is that it’s often the unthought of details that can trip them up too. Read more>>

Jose Martinez | Makeup Artist & Digital Creator

The Beauty Industry isn’t just slapping on some lashes and Gloss and Calling it a day there a-lot more to a beauty Creator then some may think. The perception of a Beauty Creator some may think yea put on some lashes and gloss and your fine if only it was that easy. I would say it at least for me its trying to balance staying true to yourself and trying to staying relevant with such a numbers based industry. I felt like I was a juggling act when I first started doing makeup I started posting around 2016 at a time when the beauty industry was blowing up especially on social media, looking back I was so wrapped up in what was popular and who was posting the latest online it’s definitely a rabbit hole effect. Read more>>