We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Zale McGee | Photographer

Something many people may be unaware of about my industry is how much time and effort goes into it. Its not as simple as you take the pictures, slap a filter on them, and send them their photos. I spend hours of time coordinating times, locations, and needs and wants for the photo shoot. After the shoot, hours are spent editing and combing over every detail of the photo trying to make it perfect for my client. Not to mention, the amount of hours and money spent learning how to use my equipment and programs. So much goes into every single photo shoot but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want every client to be be happy with their results and to cherish their photos forever. Read more>>

Nichole Kathryn Smith | Creative Director/Brand Strategist/Photographer

…What it takes to be a ‘successful’ photographer. Success is relative right? Everyone measures success differently. Some people believe it’s about the level of technical skill, while others believe it’s about creating an aesthetically pleasing image. However, these things are ALL subjective. I truly believe that a ‘successful’ photographer knows how to capture the ‘true essence’ of an individual; whether he/she has known the person for 10 years or 10 minutes! It takes a keen eye to detail and an ‘inner knowing’, Read more>>

Alice Vath | Intuitive Counselor and Tarot Reader

When most people think of psychics and tarot readings, they envision what’s shown in pop culture: inevitable doom foretold in a dark room. In reality, the main point of my use of tarot is to understand myself better, and to help my clients understand themselves. Our lives are full of cycles and patterns that begin in our childhood. It can be very difficult to break out of these patterns, and it’s nearly impossible until we begin to recognize what they are and how they affect us. Tarot cards are a tool to help us unlock answers that we already carry inside us. My goal with every session, whether it’s a tarot reading or different work, is to help my clients understand themselves on a deeper level in order to make true changes in their lives that lead them to their purpose. Read more>>

Gina Holzer | Founder of Wholy Dose (Supplement Company)

One thing many people don’t realize about the consumers goods industry is how many steps, processes, and components it takes to create just one product. When you purchase a product, you’re most likely thinking about how nice it looks, what the product can do for you, and maybe what’s inside the actual product. What most people don’t know is that that product you’re thinking of purchasing or see in store went through numerous processes and is made of multiple pieces just to get there. Take my industry for example – vitamins and supplements. To create our product (we create collagen based supplement powders that enhance hair, skin, nails, and health) it starts with finding the right ingredients, container, lid, seal that goes under the lid, scoop that goes inside the product, and outside packaging. Read more>>