Our community is filled with hard-working, high achieving entrepreneurs and creatives and so work-life balance is a complicated, but highly relevant topic. We’ve shared some responses from the community about work life balance and how their views have evolved over time below.

Joe Makarski | Photographer

I’m very fortunate when it comes to work life balance. I live full-time in a 1999 international converted school bus where I run my business from. Living and working from my bus/home allows me to travel to some of the most inspiring and beautiful places which provides incredible balance while working and living life. This balance is what fuels my motivation to achieve my aspiring goals within my photography business. What I’ve learned from this journey is that work and life need to be well balanced to create success in my business. Read more>>

Andy Littleton | Co-Owner – MESA Shop in the Mercado Annex

Our store is owned by two families who each have a lot going on! Emily has four kids and her husband Kent is working on a degree. Andy has a daughter in high school, his wife is a nurse, and he also sits on a couple of boards and works at Mission Church. Work life balance has been a journey for us to say the least. There are days when you’ll find us working with our kids and considering Monday and Tuesday to be ‘the weekend.” Lately we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to bring on a couple great employees and even get our eldest kids to help cover the register and do some product photography. We have learned to let others do the things we aren’t great at, like bookkeeping and social media. Our hope is that this year we grow in these areas even more. Read more>>

John Worthy | Photographer

I think as you get older you value time over anything else. You can always make up lost or wasted money, but not time. Read more>>

Andrea Hipps | Certified Divorce Coach and Author

As I move into greater clarity about what is uniquely mine to give in the divorce recovery space, I tend to think more about work life harmony versus work life balance. Balance implies segments that offset each other at separate times where harmony integrates the pieces and acknowledges that hard lines rarely exist in my day to day reality. It’s not unlike what I encourage my clients to imagine, which is a way to move forward with your divorce instead of completely separating from it and disowning it. When we own it fully, we can start looking for how we bring all of the elements together in the next chapter, rather than breaking them off into distinct pieces. Read more>>

Adrian & Amaris (@wanderingwithustwo) | Travel & Adventure Photographers

For us we started this journey as a way to get out of our comfort zones and learn to explore more of what the world has to offer. Since then it has always been a balancing act as we have tried to find time to continue to explore while balancing working and being enrolled full time at Arizona State University. We’ve learned to make the most of the little time we do have to go discover new places and share what we learn along the way. Read more>>

Sue Gold | Photographer

I’ve never really had a balance between work and my personal life. I’ve always put my professional career as a journalist and then press secretary/communications executive first. When you are in the communications field, it’s really a 24/7 job. However, I was fortunate enough to be able to squeeze in at least one or two vacations each year so I could take photos and visit new national parks throughout the country. Since I didn’t have children, I was able to schedule these trips in the spring and fall, instead of the summer, enabling me to photograph the fall colors and waterfalls when they were at their strongest. Doing these trips over a 30-year period, enabled me to photograph many of the parks and enjoy nature at its best. Read more>>

Martia Hunt | Home Organizer and Pharmacist

My work life balance has changed significantly over time. I have a passion for organization and having a plan. My life has to be completely planned out in advance to ensure I am giving my all to my family and business. I always schedule out time for self-care and this has been key in achieving work life balance. It is very possible to thrive in both your business and personal life. Read more>>

T The Pharaoh | Local Traffic Only Recording Artist

When you’re chasing your goal, you have to be ready to make sacrifices. Oftentimes you won’t be able to hang out with your friends as you used to; while they’re out going to the bars or just watching tv, you have to be learning about how your goal and the steps you have to take to make it a reality. Read more>>

Jasmine Jeffery | Entrepreneur/Business Owner

When I think of “work-life balance” I reference the late great Airmiess Asghedom better known as Nipsey Hussle, that “life is a marathon not a race” and I should balance myself and time accordingly. My balance has evolved over time drastically, I’ve learned to pick and choose what I can make a priority and what I am able to control in that moment. I am also learning in my life experience that balance is found through 1. Managing your mind- releasing fear, self-doubt, and anxiety and 2. Doing something you love- which keeps me refreshed, motivated, and natures my creativity. I think for me, balance ensures growth in all aspects, securing mental and emotional peace! “I mean, doesn’t everyone want peace?” Read more>>