We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Bailee Lewis | Portrait and Fashion Photographer

As a student in high school I always felt drawn to the arts. However, I was never very talented in mediums like drawing or painting. I desperately wanted a hobby that I could use my imagination and creativity but also as a way to interact with people. As silly as it seems the show America’s Next Top Model inspired me to translate that into ideas for photoshoots. I took some photography classes and soon enough I was working for several small brands to shoot product and fashion photos and doing portraits for locals and even clients out of the state or country. This hobby became my job throughout high school and is now my career. Read more>>

Deepika Haldankar | Artist & Brand Photographer

For me, Art is a form of Self Expression. I have wanted to be in the field of Arts since the early days of deciding what career path to choose during my teens. I also took some classes in drawing as a preparation to enter into getting admission into Art College. I failed that test, and judges said I could never be an artist, as I cannot draw. Yes, still today, I cannot draw. But I am an artist now, and I am proud to be one. Creative Career gave me the freedom to express my emotions in art, in my case, Photography. With colors, shadow, and light, I create a scene and tell a story. And sometimes, it tells what is going around me in a very subtle way. Read more>>

Gira Schofield | Spiritual Teacher, Alchemy Coach, & Reiki Master

I was in tennis for 28 years. I started when I was 4 years old. I played national and international juniors, collegiately, professionally, and then went into coaching higher performance junior tennis players. When I was playing professional tennis I started having low back pain. I was doing an exercise that I have done a thousand times but for whatever reason that day when I did it I felt something pull in my low back. Before I knew it when I went to get up I could barely move. Now I never had a specific accident. However I did find out 8 years later after going to a chiropractor that I had a grade 3 fracture in my L5. Read more>>

Michael Roberts | Michael & The Pentecost (Singer-songwriter)

I don’t feel as though I pursued an artistic career as much as it pursued me. I was heavily involved in music going back to grammar school. I always had an inclination towards art in general, but music felt natural, and as I grew, it grew with me. Read more>>

Nicole Dahlin | Beauty Artistry

I’ve been artistic my whole life, with mainly a focus on drawing and painting. I wanted to go to a fine arts college, but it just didn’t end up happening. However, I knew whatever career I went into that it would be an artistic one. So what seems to be a lifetime ago, I actually graduated from ASU with a bachelor’s in visual communication design (aka graphic design). While I loved certain elements about design such as color theory, shapes, and concepts, I didn’t want to be stuck at the computer all day. Read more>>