Starting a business can be terrifying. Weighing the pros and cons, the risks, and other considerations can be so overwhelming that often promising entrepreneurs stop before they even start. We asked some phenomenal entrepreneurs about their thought process behind starting their own businesses. Our hope is that by making the thought-process less intimidating we can help more folks think through whether they should take an entrepreneurial leap.

Noelle Johnson | Horticulturist, Landscape Consultant, Garden Writer

My goal was to help desert-dwellers learn how to garden the right way in our hot, dry climate. Gardening in the desert isn’t hard, BUT it is very different from other regions. As a result, people can quickly become overwhelmed and frustrated. Read more>>

Rodney Hu | entrepreneur

1. What was your thought process behind starting your own business? from a young age I’ve always had big goals for myself, including owning and
operating my own business. Knowing that through the success of my businesses I could take control of my own destiny and reap the rewards. 2. Do you have a budget? How do you think about your personal finances, and how do you make lifestyle and spending decisions? I do proactively budget my money towards most things. Early on I had to make a lot of personal financial sacrifices. I learned that when you are the leader you are the last to one that gets to eat, so in turn I lived very frugal lifestyle but I knew that If I wanted this bad enough it would be worth it. Read more>>

Denese Lovvorn | Licensed Aesthetician

After completing aesthetics school and working in a few different types of spa environments I knew that I wanted to start my own business primarily focused on customer service. I was driven to create a clean, comfortable and welcoming environment people would look forward to. I wanted my clients to feel important and it was of paramount importance to me to not only provide great result but incorporate an element of relaxation into every treatment. I’ve found over the years it’s the little things that people appreciate the most. It can be anything from having a heated bed to climb into after a log day, a relaxing scalp massage while receiving a lash lift or a complimentary set of eye care patches to remind them to spend a little time on themselves. People want to know you are listening to their needs and I do my best to reflect that in the services my clients receive. Read more>>

Jason Peterson | REALTOR® Sales Associate for Metro Phoenix at eXp Realty

After being inspired by a High School friend’s Father (back in 1985), I always had the dream of becoming a Real Estate Agent which I carried with me for many years, prior to getting into Residential Real Estate back in 2014 (in Frankfurt, Germany). Prior to 2014 I would often meet people who would say: “Hey, you need to get into real estate!” After being laid off at Accenture in 2013, I decided I had best focus on this possibility, so I went for it. After a while with RE/MAX in Bad Soden am Taunus I created my own real estate practice: “LinDion Immobilien” in Frankfurt am Main. Read more>>

Allison Kesh | Owner and Baker

I’ve always joked that when I won the lottery, I would open a dessert cafe…still waiting. In late 2019, I married the love of my life and decided to make truffles for my own wedding. Feedback from our wedding guests was so positive, I started thinking about taking a risk and making my dream come true. The pandemic hit and I decided to just go for it. I launched Cupcakes by Luv, a cottage bakery, during quarantine. Having extra time at home, I decided to start baking for real. With the help of my husband, we officially created an LLC, social media pages, a website, and began taking orders. My first official order was for wedding truffles (my family and friends love my truffles). Since then, I’ve expanded into gourmet cookies, cakesicles, cupcakes, and other treats. I love focusing on custom orders as it allows me to be creative and I truly enjoy making events more special. Read more>>

Marki Nichols | Custom Cookie Maker

When I started doing cookies as a hobby, I never thought I would be able to turn it into a successful business. I thought, there are so many people already doing this, why should I even try. But as I kept practicing and getting to know more people, my confidence grew. I thought, my work and my love for this craft will speak for itself. If I can make just one person happy with the cookies and designs I create, then that is enough for me! So I put together a business plan, came up with a name, designed a logo, and dived right in! Read more>>

Yong Tayag | Entrepreneur & Toy Enthusiast

I’ve always wanted to have my own business, something that I solely conceptualized, from the name & logo, to the operations. Of course it also had to be something that’s in line with my interests. Growing up, I was into toys, especially robots, comics, & video games. More importantly, I appreciated the feeling of nostalgia. Basically, it got jumpstarted during the pandemic when there was a need to earn more for my growing family since some branches of income weren’t working out at this time. I thought, it should be something that I should enjoy doing & it doesn’t require a lot of capital, given the situation. I assessed my interests & the available tools that can be beneficial to my business. Read more>>

Rachel Marjanovich | Radical Rebounding Instructor

I began jumping on a mini trampoline to flush my lymphatic system after hearing Tony Robbins speak on the benefits. I had had chronic anxiety and my obsession was with health. Although I was not jumping to effect my anxiety necessarily it quickly resolved itself after a couple months of my new routine. I would wait for it to return and it never did. I became so passionate about how amazing I felt. My body began to change and my anxiety went away. My self confidence was improving with every jump and I thought how can I tell people about this ‘Miracle’. After about 3 years of jumping solo, researching and creating moves I asked a couple friends to join me. They did. I thought I need more people to know how many benefits there are to this. I decided to make a small investment in a few rebounders (mini trampolines) and started a class in Sedona, AZ . Read more>>

Karen Hewitt | Neurolinguistics Programming Coach for Life and Business

I’ve always been independent, however I was always given the advice “Fake it till you Make it:. You see as an introvert the idea of me being the center of attention or the one jumping up and down on a stage being high extroverted energy made me nervous, almost sick to my stomach. I tried so many options and every time “fake it till you make it’ was given to me like some fix all strategy and that’s when I decided to learn about NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming because I had to remedy my broken introverted self. Which simply put is the way we hold conversations with ourselves. Read more>>

Emeka Ukaga | Civil Engineer

I was formally trained as an architect and civil engineer but have always been interested in fashion and from a young age, I was surrounded by entrepreneurial parents, West African design aesthetics, and a childhood love of drawing, design, and creativity. Growing up as a Nigerian-American I always had a deep appreciation specifically for the West African aesthetic tradition. From sculpture to visual arts, textile patterns to architecture, I was always captivated by these designs growing up and they influenced much of my artistic development during my formative years. Read more>>