We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Samantha and Victoria Brennan-Beck | Canine Enthusiast & Entrepreneur

My creative career, found me. I rescued my first dog in 2016 and she changed my whole world and view on animals; the way they are taken care of, how they are treated, the lack of voice they have for themselves and so it goes on. Dog grooming became more than my job or career, it’s definitely my passion and calling. Read more>>

Ariyanha Mickens | Photographer

Ever since I was a little kid, I would always go to Walgreens and get their disposable cameras. They would literally last me 1 day because of all the photos I would take. Growing up, I was always taking pictures, whether that was from a disposable camera, to my cell phone, or a photographer at JcPennys. As a teenager in high school, I wanted to become a crime scene technician, which of course had to do with taking photos. As of 2021, I started my business and it has been the best thing I have done. Thinking outside of the box with creative photoshoots is my passion. To be able to recreate something that someone looks and just admires is what my goal is. I love looking at certain places that people take advantage of and showing them through my lens what I see. Read more>>

Katherine (Kat) La Motte | Artist, Photographer, Animal Rescuer

I chose to pursue an artistic/creative career for multiple reasons. First, it is simply in my nature… I have always enjoyed and thrived in the creative arts, and I have dabbled in things ranging from theater and music, to visual art such as photography and painting. I never was able to “fit” well into traditional nine-to-five corporate type work. The freedom of being able to work at my own pace, on my own schedule, and on things that I actually WANT to work on is invaluable to me. Read more>>