We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Cami Logan | Sugar Cookie Artist Behind Cami’s Cookie Co.

To be honest when I was younger I never considered myself to be a creative person, I had a specific view of what a creative person was supposed to be like and it wasn’t me. However, as I grew up I discovered that being creative can mean so many different things not just one. Being creative is all encompassing and can’t be fit into one single box. Now, here I am years later pursuing a creative career that I love. What it comes down to for me is that I want my career to provide financial stability while also being something that brings me joy, something I look forward to, not dread. I am pursuing this creative career because of the joy that comes from having the opportunity to express myself in an artistic way every single day. Read more>>

Quentin Raffoux | Author

I always loved writing stories, coming up with strange characters and worldbuilding. Creating alternate universes and realities helped me escape my own. It turned up people like what I did and I decided de pursue in that way. Read more>>

Abel Nava | Musician

I feel like I had to pursue a creative career because I enjoy making music and I figured why not make a living doing what I love and what comes naturally. I began making music at the age of 15 but I didn’t take it serious until after I graduated high school. I went from job to job and I told myself I didn’t want to spend my entire life doing something I don’t enjoy doing. Music is on my mind at all times and has brought motivation, peace, joy and inspiration to my life and all I want to do is pass that on to the world and anyone who can understand it. Read more>>

Kimi Booker | Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

Why did I pursue a creative career? Picture this- we just moved to a new state, it’s a pandemic, everything has closed down and we’re trapped at home, and on top of that we’re battling infertility. It’s safe to say I was feeling pretty sad and negative about myself and the situation. Cue in Instagram. It started as just a hobby wanting to spread awareness of my favorite small businesses, especially during a time when small businesses were suffering. I was supporting them and their brands anyway, so might as well share about it. As the hobby grew, I was introduced to photo editing and my content gradually improved. I also realized that sharing my love for fashion blogging could generate another form of income. I continue to learn and improve my skills everyday while still maintaining a full-time career that I love. Fashion blogging has provided me with a fun outlet to distract me from my sadness, as well as helped improve my self-esteem by allowing me to see myself through another lens. Read more>>