A host of factors, developments, and dynamics have made most industries more competitive than ever. As a result so many of us wonder whether there is still such a thing as work-life balance. We reached out to the community to hear perspectives on finding the right balance.

Dani Cutler | Digital Marketing Business Owner and Radio Host

When I first started my business in addition to co-managing KWSS Radio, I struggled with balance. Both marketing and radio are not typical 8-5 jobs with weekends off. What I’ve learned is how to be aware of my boundaries. If I’m up working late or on weekends, it’s important to plan future time accordingly for myself and my family. It is equally important to make sure clients know when you are taking time off too so they can better respect your time, and you won’t feel like you are always working. Read more>>

Sarah Hoag | Lifestyle & Brand Photographer

I think balance is a unicorn. I often don’t strive for balance, but rather taking things seasonally. Sometimes I do more of one thing than the other; it’s more about what I need to do in this season versus the next. Read more>>

Emily Matyas | Artist/Photographer

Balance is everything! I’m a Libra so it’s always been important to me, but balancing the elements of your life is what can make or break your success. Being an artist, it may appear that one can work whenever they like. But I find many other pressing responsibilities vying for my attention each day. I visualize the balance in blocks of time. Large items can be things that either take a long time or have utmost importance. Often, you need to do both in a single day, such as helping your kids with a project and meeting an important application deadline. To accomplish both you need to ask yourself what time of day could each be done? How long might each task take and what could go wrong? It’s a never-ending task of deciding what to do when, and how to accomplish each. Read more>>

Shaelynn Dalton | Freelance Creative & Mom

This is something I am always struggling with. I am a single mom with a full time graphic design job as well as freelancing other creative pursuits. It can sometimes make it difficult to “turn off” my work brain. When I was a stay at home mom, I just did illustrations while my baby slept, but my life and schedule has changed dramatically since those times. What works best for me is making sure I have set times that I am allowed to work. Right now, that is 9-6, M-F. If he is asleep or with his Dad, and I have work to do, I will work during those times as well. Read more>>

Ashlyn Weight | Owner & Brand Designer at Ivy House Studio

I’m a graphic designer, business owner, wife, and mom – all of which keep me very busy (in the best way possible)! Finding a work/life balance has definitely come through trial and error and is something I am continuously refining and streamlining. For me, most of my daily tasks (emails, social media engagement, designing, meetings, etc.) happen during nap time, which means I really have to prioritize what I need to get done during those short windows and also forgive myself for what doesn’t. My “work schedule” looks a little different each day – but if it means I get to stay home with my baby and have my dream job, it’s totally worth it. Read more>>