Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges.  We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to  pursue a creative career.

Audrey Monroy | Arizona Brow Artist

I pursued this artistic career because I enjoy enhancing the beauty of other ladies. I have a passion for helping them be their own beautiful with my artistic craft. Read more>>

Haley Winter | Hairstylist

I decided to pursue an artistic and creative career because I fell in love with the freedom it provides. Having been in the hair industry for 8 years, I’ve built quite a portfolio for myself, so my customers come in trusting I’ll be able to fulfill their vision. I have a direction, and I am given free reign to create and bring that to life. Working with my hands, and having an immediate satisfying end result is fulfilling for me. I didn’t even know that was they type of work I needed to be in until I was there. My passion and artistic ability brings joy and confidence to the people I serve, and that for me is the best compensation. Read more>>

Susan Paige | Working Artist Stdio and Art Gallery

I have been involved in the art world for 40 years beginning with my first class at age 10 at the Art Institute of Chicago. I graduated with an art degree from Northern Illinois University and also directed The Art Gallery in the Student Union. My success in the art business comes from creating art in conjunction with being in the business end through management of various art galleries and art venues as well as teaching art marketing. Making one’s way through the business aspect of art is challenging because as an artist I also had to wear a marketing and business hat. Since I love both I have created successes for my art career. One of the ways I am successful in getting recognition for my art, is that I have helped other artists along the way through my curating many exhibitions that give myself and other artists varied exposure. Read more>>

Fatima “Tima” Smith | Professional Choreographer and Dancer

I decided to pursue an artistic and creative career because the moments that I couldn’t express with words I can always count on Dance to relay the message for me I can always count on Dance to be my voice. Read more>>