Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges.  We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to  pursue a creative career.

Kristin McFarland | Self-Employed Photographer

Truthfully, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. Being told all the time it won’t get you anywhere kind of hurt my drive. But, then again, I wanted to prove them wrong. It started as a way for me to control the story I was telling. Later on it became much more than that, I just wanted to do it all the time. After working so many dead-end jobs, working for horrible people, and making less than I could live on…what did I have to loose? I could choose who I worked with and what I wanted to portray in my work. No one can tell me what to do and being your own boss is an amazing feeling. Read more>>

Nancy Troupe | Teaching Artist

Art is the only career that ever made any sense to me. From as early as I remember, I was always drawing, coloring, and painting. High school and college years broadened my appreciation of all forms of art as I explored ceramics, photography, and metal art as well. Those experiences made me feel alive, unlike the other classes and studies that left me bored and restless. I never had an urge to create any other career besides one in the arts. And while contemplating a career in art, even though I was uncertain about the “where” and “how”, I was very certain about the “what” and “why”. Read more>>

Linda Giangregorio | Reiki Master Teacher

I chose to teach Reiki to women through weekend long camping trips because of the personal impact Reiki has had on my life. Being a woman I can empathize with other women on this healing journey of finding self acceptance and unlearning who we’ve been taught to be. I was diagnosed with Hodgskins lymphoma 4 years ago, and besides healing, that sent me down the rabbit hole of personal growth, and self love. Reiki was a tool I used often, on the chemo drugs themselves, and through private sessions monthly to assist my body, and my emotions. Because of this, and many other things, I faired treatment far better than anyone else they had seen. I knew that if Reiki had such a big impact on my life, that there had to be other women looking for the same. Read more>>