We’ve always believed that forming a strategy is impossible until you’re clear on what your values and principles are.  Without values and principles to guide you, making decisions can seem impossibly difficult.  Given how important setting values and principles is to decision making we asked folks we admire to tell us about the values or principles that matter most to them.

Leslie Lehr | Professional Organizer and Lifestyle Expert

The value that matters the most to me in my professional and personal life is to be my most authentic self. By being authentic, I was able to build a business – Leslie Lehr Living that allowed me to follow my passion for living life organized. Being 100% me brings me joy, creativity, and has helped me to develop healthy beautiful relationships. Read more>>

Chris Peacor | Photographer

There are two principles I live by. First: elevate those around you. Every truly successful person I have ever met, got there with the help of other successful people. Whether actively or passively. Second: empathy. It’s more of a trait than a value. But if you are mindful of how other people feel, and treat them with respect and kindness, the rewards are immeasurable for everyone involved. Read more>>

Sarah Grone | Owner of Project Big Impact, Nonprofit Communications Enthusiast

Integrity drives me both personally and professionally. I’m in my element when I get to promote the good work that others are doing in our community and helping to remove barriers so others can thrive. When I think about the variety of ways that inequities exist today, I fight feelings of overwhelm by reminding myself that I am capable of making a tangible difference, and then get to work. I help small nonprofits and purpose-driven businesses share their inspiring missions and impact with the world while growing their fanbase through creative marketing and fundraising solutions built on trust and honesty. From data collection and reporting, to storytelling and launching fundraising campaigns, I aim to infuse every bit of my work with integrity and goodness. Read more>>

Cristofer Pereyra | CEO/Tepeyac Leadership, Inc.

Fidelity. Fidelity to an identity and purpose has to be the most important principle to drive anyone’s individual career or the success of an organization. Take this COVID-19 times we are living for example. We have all had to adapt, evolve, think outside the box to do the work we do. That’s okay. Change is the only constant in life. But if we are to succeed at anything we should always remain true to who we are and what our purpose/mission is. Read more>>

Ray Madaghiele | Facilitator, Trainer, Coach, Speaker & Author

There are two intertwined principles seem to rise up from deep within our collective humanity during trying times such as what we are facing today with a global pandemic, widespread unemployment, and recalibration of political, cultural, gender and racial justice transformation. These principles have been my guiding light during my entire life and especially during turbulent times like we are facing today and as we experienced during the aftermath of the 9-11-01 events. In 2002, at 45 years old, I chose to pedal my vintage bicycle 3,369 miles in 70 days from Phoenix, Arizona, to Ground Zero, New York City—supported by my wife, Lyn. As we rolled across America, we honored the heroes of 9-11 and shared a powerful message of hope and healing with thousands of people across America. Read more>>