The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Rhonda Steinke | Naturopathic Doctor & Pranic Healer

To go to India to an Ayurvedic Hospital for further treatment to improve recovery from a Cavernous Malformation. Thanks to Pranic Healing I was well but I had yet to achieve quality of life. I had to trust that there was more, there could be more for me to heal and even further outside of the box. I had to trust others to support me and my family on the journey as I traveled half way away the world from my 4 year old son. I learned to let go of judgement and criticism of those who simply did not understand. I had to deal with discomfort and facing myself for proper healing. I grew as I healed. I’ll never forget overhearing the Ayurvedic doctors outside of my door in India, “she came as a patient and she leaves as a doctor”. I would never ask for my situation again but I am grateful for the journey. Read more>>

Emma Quinn | EQharp~ Harpist, Teacher & Sound Healer

In deciding to stay in AZ, I have had the opportunity to grow roots and experiment with a variety of sounds that serve my community. If I hadn’t chosen to stay in AZ, I wouldn’t have found sound healing and these new avenues for sharing my instrument. As a result of my decision, I am now engaged, living with my partner, happily on the board of my local harp society chapter, and substitute harpist for Phoenix Symphony and a host of other orchestras in the valley. Read more>>

Justin Johnson | Build for Rent

The single most important decision I made that contributed to my success is twofold. The first, have faith in yourself. That is the biggest hurdle for most entrepreneurs. They don’t believe in themselves enough to take the leap. The second, and equally as important, failure is a good thing. Everybody that runs their own business fails at some point. Its what we learn from that failure that makes us successful. Read more>>