The world never stops changing and those changes often bring new challenges and opportunities. Entrepreneurs and creatives are often well positioned to spot trends early and so we asked some very sharp and talented folks if there is a shift they see in the world that they think most other people haven’t noticed or taken seriously enough yet? Check out some of our favorite responses below.

Shahe Koulloukian | Automotive Expert & Educator of Automotive Ownership

Convenience is the one key adjustment that has expedited what was already happening. That transition was accelerated by the pandemic. I won’t be around people because it’s too risky, so I’ll have it delivered. It wasn’t really a choice; if we wanted to be secure while still living our usual lives, we all adapted, and that adaptation has spoiled us to see that there is an easier way; well, it costs more, but it gives me more time, and time is more valuable than dollars at the moment. Convenience sells without a doubt, and when we as a culture don’t have time, it’s easier to just comply. Every consumer should think about their existing values for a moment. What is the value you desire? You’ll discover that it has little to do with the reasons for your impatience. Your feelings aren’t in your control, but your actions are.

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Mechelle Tucker | Business Consultant & Strategist

We are shifting from a 21st century mindset to a 22nd century mindset. No longer can we just rely on information, the information has to be applied and the shift of having to think critically and problem solve is what a lot of people will need to take more seriously when it comes to communication, creativity and collaborations. Knowledge is power, but applied knowledge is powerful.

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Colleen Biggs | CEO Lead Up for Women & Peak Performance Coach

Absolutely! The opportunities for self-employment are at their all-time high! You can start a business out of ANYTHING these days. Online technology has allowed anyone to work from home. Also, I do believe corporations that employ 1-50 employees have also changed and now many are virtual, saving corporations thousands of dollars in building rentals, yet, they are losing their grip on how to manage these employees. Let’s face it the world has completely changed and you either take advantage of the changes or fight them, which will be the demise of many companies.

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