We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Madeline Nichols | Dog Mom & Content Creator

I could make a long list of the people, places, and activities that make me happy. Instead, I will say that I love being a dog mom and I love to create. My pups guarantee a smile on my face every single day and having two best friends to do life with has been the best thing ever! I’ve always loved to create. From craft projects, fashion styling, interior decorating, graphic design, photography; I love to do it all. There’s something really special about having an idea in your head and then making it a reality; something that you and others can also see or touch. Read more>>

Dennis Chesney | Owner

In relation to Arizona Element. What makes me happy is the actions and reactions of the children we are training each day as to their performances. When they take the floor at a competition, they do so as a team. They are hyper sensitive to what is going on around them while the performance is taking place. They can see what is going right, what is going wrong. Their faces both excitement and fear shows their emotion. The part that makes me happy is the ownership if something does not go right and, the pure adrenaline rush of when everything goes right. They can all feel it, its as if they are one. Their enthusiasm while leaving the floor and during review is something that make your heat pump faster and harder. While I do not compete with them, I feel their excitement and that is what makes me happy. Read more>>

Isabel Han | Missionary & Photographer

A lot of things make me happy. I enjoy time with family and friends. I love being a photographer. It makes me happy to host people at my house and make food. However, what makes me the happiest is my faith. Being a Christian gives me so much joy, hope, and peace that is incomparable to anything else, even what is listed above. There is a sense of purpose and reason for everything I go through. I think we can all agree that life is hard and life is broken, but I believe there is God who is good, who takes care of me, and is always with me. I can trust in God who has the best in mind for me, like a father who wants the best for his daughter. Read more>>

Tatum Rochin | Creator of The Tucson Type

Several things make me happy, but one that I’ll focus on first is where I live. I grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and although I moved around a bit, I made my way back here shortly after college. It’s a combination of the beautiful landscape of the desert and the mountains, the colorful culture , the fantastic restaurants, and the great people I’ve met. Tucson is the inspiration behind my art and why I started this business. I know people love Tucson as much as I do, and it’s because of this wonderful community that I started making art to represent some of my favorite things. Read more>>

Megan Gladney | Mother + Small Business Owner

Call me crazy but working makes me happy! I love being busy and keeping my family busy. Read more>>

Shelly Tran | Nail Technician

Doing nails makes me happy. I love creating art, and seeing people excited that I was able to put what they envisioned on such a small canvas. I get a lot of clients who give me the option to express myself freely, and surprise them with whatever I feel like doing during their appointments. Read more>>