Never give up. It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right? We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying

Daniela Cordner | The Balloon Mom

You should always keep going. We all have bad days but we can change our thoughts. If you think you want to give up, take a break and step back. Do something that makes you feel good then go back and keep going. Change your thoughts, and your mood can change. Change your habits and your life can change. You will know you should keep going if what you are doing fuels the fire inside of you. I have had many times where I want to give up but I know that is just a moment in time where I need a break. Read more>>

Katie Brenneman | Metabolism, Muscle & Manifestation Coach

It depends on what we’re talking about… If we’re talking about working towards my big vision for my life…NEVER. I can’t imagine EVER giving up on that. There’s nothing else I’d want to focus on instead – so there wouldn’t be any purpose behind any of my work or actions if I gave up on it. Read more>>

Angela Egley | Maker & Creator

Well I’m not a quitter that’s for sure … and i enjoy what I’m doing so I keep going… I work full time as a sales consultant for a local liquor distributor and candle making keeps me busy in the evenings and weekends .. I do it because it’s an outlet for me since my children have grown up and moved out and I needed a hobby to keep me busy … I’ve recently been accepted to sell wholesale on Faire, Tundra, Trada and just this week Wayfair …. Read more>>

Jaevonn Harris | Artist

That’s easy the answer is to never give up! For myself, these last couple months have been hard for myself, I lost my grandfather, I failed the bar by only a couple of points, and I was in dry spell with my business. But the key is to have a strong spiritual foundation and have confidence in yourself to achieve what you set forward to do. Constantly praying and working I saw my life shift back in my favor, of course I didn’t get my granddad back but I’m living in peace knowing he was proud of me and always believed in me so it allows me to keep striving for better everyday. And I mean every single day! Read more>>

Tori Piscitelli | Artist & Student

How do I know whether to keep going or to give up? Well, that is quite simple for me because I never want to and don’t give up; especially when it comes to my art. Being an artist, much like anything, comes with a lot of challenges. And I am talking bigger than just a bad critique. I’m talking about no one supporting you because they feel you’ll never be successful or sitting in a college level art class surrounded by people who don’t show the same effort you do and watching the professor praise their work while the professor looks down on your work. Read more>>