Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Rithy Tamba | Wedding & Family Photographer

A successful brand is one that represents the business in the most fundamental way. It provides a cohesive experience for the clients, it attracts specific clients and customers that are excited to work with you. Achieving this does take time and work, but I have found that the most important factor is to stop mimicking those around you. Stop copying and comparing yourself to your competition. Instead, dig deep and ask the tough questions: what about the brand that draws you to them, what is it about their business that attracts you? Read more>>

Tina Curry | Sculptural Clay Artist

My artwork is truly a part of me. People who know me or meet me always tell me that they sense such a soulfulness and heart in my pieces. I create these pieces for me and they make my spirit happy. Its such a joy when others connect to my pieces in the same way. Read more>>

Jestyles Robinson | Radio personality & Influencer

I believe the most important factor behind the success of my radio pod cast “Bighomietoldme Show” is staying CONSISTENT. When building a brand it is very important to keep improving. The repetition and education you learn as you go forward enables the consumer to trust your brand. Consistency builds trust and trust is what keeps consumers coming back. In less than 2 years I have conducted over 250 documented interviews hosted a number of concert events. My guest on my show range from celebrities, politicians, law enforcement officials, service men and women and the list continues to grow. Consistency allowed my brand to become a huge success in the radio and podcast industry. Read more>>

Shaleena Danielle | Photographer, CMA, VT

Real emotions in photos. I’ve been told again and again that they wanted me because the smiles and laughter looked genuine, and i always tell them that they are! I have loads of weird jokes and comments that I make, prompts to get real reactions, and I always make sure that my clients are being 100% authentic to themselves. By the end we were laughing the whole time and part as friends. That’s my ultimate goal with my business and it’s the biggest reason behind my success. Read more>>

John Cozzarelli | Coffee Roaster & Artist

Cozz Coffee is an online coffee roasting retail shop. Selling high quality, well roasted, ethically sourced beans is of great importance but I think what helps Cozz Coffee stand out as a business is the artwork on each bag. The inspiration for Cozz Coffee is very much so from a DIY perspective, the more variables you control, the more creative freedom you have. Each bag of Cozz Coffee features an illustrated label designed by local artists. Read more>>

Brandon Martel | Stylist & Curator for Better View

The most important factor behind the success of better View is authenticity. I’m never really looking to be anyone else and I think self expression when authentic will take anyone/anything far in whatever field they are in. Read more>>