We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Kauri Crownhart | Oil Painter & Multimedia Artist

I have begun an endeavor of creating a series of oil paintings that will depict the closeness of God to anyone willing to set ego aside and reach out. In a culture that is so focused on the self – identity, image, personal truth, privilege, etc. – I believe it is of the utmost important to ground the viewer… to nudge them to take a step outside their go-to Instagram filter, and consequently encourage them to contemplate what truly has value. I pray that my work has a helpful impact in the community in this way: that at the end of someone’s life they may look back and think, “That one random art exhibit is where I let Jesus enter my heart.” Read more>>

Jacob DeSio | Writer, Director, Cinematographer, and Editor

My belief, and hope, is that my business helps the world mainly by sharing stories. I make films, commercials, music videos, and mini-documentaries and in my work and when I create a video that shares another person’s vision it expands our understanding of each other and the world we live in. I also get to work with wonderful people and companies that have an important impact on the world through their work such as Southern Arizona Against Slavery (S.A.A.S) and Therapeutic Riding of Tucson (T.R.O.T). Read more>>

Tomeko Smith | CEO | Evolving Goddess 444 LLC

As an entrepeneur, my passion is helping others people feel empowered. Feeling empowered gives people enough confidence to go after their dreams, fall in love, heal pain, create new lifestyles, and break old behaviors, patterns and beliefs that are outdated. My business helps you understand your current energy, any blocks you may have, and how you can move forward using practical steps. If you purchase a deck from me, or book a reading with me, you will walk away feeling confident, and the goal is that people live their best life. We are all here to do something, and I want people to understand their importance in this world, so I help others recognize their power. Read more>>

Alex Lyle | Music Producer & DJ

I dont think I will be the one to necessarily change the world, but my hopes are my music will spark the idea or be an influence to the ones who will. Read more>>

Ann Olsen-Bode | Artistic Director and dance instructor

I take what I do very seriously because I work with children. I realize I am influencing and impacting peoples’ most precious thing in their life – their kids! . As I work with kids I know that I am affecting their family as well. I do my utmost to help kids become the best that they can be. Read more>>

Diana Mantey | Facebook Ad Manager

In addition to helping entrepreneurs grow their purpose-driven businesses, Next Generation Advertising also gives back by offering The Ad Passport Scholarship, a flight-reimbursement scholarship program for college students studying abroad. This scholarship is open 2x per year (Fall and Spring) and is open to college students who are attending a US college/university and have been accepted into a semester or year-long study abroad program. You can learn more at www.ngadvertising.com/scholarship Read more>>

Kristen Day | Digital Marketing and Business Strategist

I exited the corporate world and opened my company with the intention of bringing a kinder, more compassionate, and giving mentality to how digital marketing services are provided to our community. I discovered a need for this important change during my time as an employee at an ad agency. On the corporate side of digital marketing I saw major gaps in the online service industry with regards to providing business owners a holistic, effective, and profitable digital process they can actually understand AND use. Read more>>

Jill Lerman | Developmental Play Coach

My mission as a business owner is to support families and empower parents to connect with their children through play. As a parent myself, I understand how difficult it can be to get through the day. But even on the most difficult days, I can get down on the floor with my daughter and play. Those little moments of joy, bonding, and connection are so incredibly meaningful for both of us. I also realized while pregnant during the pandemic, and now with a young child how much support & community matters. That is a huge part of my mission with Jillybeans- to create a supportive space for parents and caretakers everywhere. Read more>>

Juan Cardenas | Artist. Photographer. Writer.

I have always believed that art is one of the best ways to communicate and help society, generating a healthy discussion, interaction, and rotation of ideas. Art allows you to express and share ideas, feelings, and emotions at the same time, and it only exists to the extent that it is consumed, that it is seen, that it is digested; for that very reason it is necessarily social, bilateral. My art has always had that intention: generate conversation, generate questions, judgments, and exchange ideas. Some projects lately, like my related Boudoir and Burlesque photography, seek to support female empowerment, still so far from achieving gender equality. Read more>>

Megan Denise | Wedding and Boudoir Photographer

A lot of people will tell you “Photography isn’t a need, it’s a want.”. And they’re right. But the the thing is the type of photography I do matters to people. Recently I shifted my focus to only two types of photography. Weddings and Boudoir. Everyone wants to be able to remember their wedding day. The family, the friends, the music, the dancing, the dress, the cake, it’s supposed to be one of the best days of your life, right? A day that makes you feel good. And I want to make sure people can ENJOY that day without having to worry about, “Oh shoot, did we get a photo of granny? Read more>>

Kelsey Gardner, | Dr. Kelsey Gardner, DVM

Veterinary medicine and health care in general is evolving. We are moving away from inconvenient, anxiety provoking experiences where you leave the hospital not fully understanding the case, emotionally depleted and feeling like you have no idea what your next step is. Human medicine has developed concierge medicine to attempt to fill some of these needs. Concierge medicine typically involves paying a monthly fee and you can reach out to your doctor as often as needed. Read more>>

Heather McCleester | Tea Shop Owner and High Witch of Flagstaff

My business is helping the world by using more eco friendly single use items and also by being entirely plant based, not contributing to further suffering or factory farming. Another important part of my business is helping people to reduce their consumption of sugar while still offering sweet and delightful treats! Read more>>