We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Robert & Cindy Leger

Playing music makes us happy. We’ve been married a long time, yet when we play music together we always find something new about ourselves. What makes us happier still is seeing how people react to our music. Instrumental music has an ability to say things that are beyond words. It touches the heart, and we see this when we play a special song for a couple. They glow, maybe a tear flows, they snuggle next to each other. We smile. We smile when hen a woman at a Mother’s Day Luncheon writes, “You guys are awesome” on a sticky note and hands it to us — and we keep the sticky note. We smile when someone walks by and says, with obvious enjoyment, “I’ve never heard the Beatles played quite like that.” It’s why we play. Read more>>

Emina Omeragic | Portrait Photographer & Story Teller

Hm, what makes me happy? Id like to think I make a choice to be happy everyday but in regards to photography I absolutely adore making people feel good about themselves, telling their story through photos and knowing that they will be looking back on these photos/memories for year and generations to come. Getting replied after delivering albums of how much they love their photos and how great they feel afterwards makes me do what I am doing. I am a photographer/storyteller. Read more>>

Laura Tanzer | Clothing Engineer, Designer & Artisan

Making stuff. Teaching. Traveling the world and immersing myself in other cultures, other art, music, traditions. All of this feeds my creative soul, allows me to be even more creative. My clients love how I make them feel with the wearable art pieces I make for them, and that makes me very happy. Read more>>