In our view, values and principles are the foundation upon which our lives, careers and relationships are built. So, we asked folks we admire to open up to us about the values and principles that matter most to them.

Tanner Allen | Owner & Coach

Journey Training is unique in that we don’t have a “type” of client that we predominantly train. Journey values each and every client that walks through our doors. We meet each client right where they’re at, regardless of fitness level. We value work ethic, communication, and integrity. It’s takes no skill to work hard, communicating thoroughly helps both clients and coaches see progress and grow, and having integrity creates strong relationships built on trust and long term success. Read more>>

Laurie Dickman | Master Bridal Stylist

Honesty and integrity matter to me most. I always treat my customers the way I would like to be treated. Weddings are personal and what I offer is a very personal service. I want my customers to know that everything they get from me is 100% truth and that it’s not just to “close the sale.” Read more>>

Michelle Talsma Everson | Managing Editor

At Eculeus Group Publishing, our biggest focus is community. We love helping local businesses to grow and creating – and being a part of – stronger communities. We help neighbors stay connected and in-the-know about current news and fun events, all while supporting the local businesses that make up our community. Read more>>

Pastor Mark Farley | Founder & Vice President

Encouragement is a principle that matters most to me. I anchor my principle of encouragement on the values of Understanding, Love, and Kindness. What that looks like for me is that I seek to understand others first. When I am able to understand others, I can then see how best I can serve or help them. Using a combination of brotherly love and kindness, I seek to earn the trust of the person I am helping. This process has worked very well for me over the years and allowed me to not only help others, but also be of service to those looking to learn how to serve and help. Read more>>

Kurt von Behrmann | Visual Artist, Writer & Educator

It all starts with being authentic. You can create the most technically accomplished work ever created, but if it has a false note, it feels brittle. Art for me, any art, that strikes the very soul of the viewer has to come from an honest place of expression. The message, the feeling, the images used cannot be something just pulled from the ether. The concept of “faking it until you make it” simply does not exist in any art form. If the work you create is not true to your beliefs, views and perspectives, it cannot be of any use to the viewer. One of the most important elements that viewers seek is something genuine. It is the very first quality they seek. They want something real, something that speaks to the way the world is, not as we would have it. You cannot be an imitation artist. Read more>>