There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Rocio Francis | Indigenous Entrepreneur

I would honestly say one of the most important factors behind my success is that love to have an impact on ages thirteen to fifty, an ideal timeframe when people are either being introduced to skincare or experiencing a rediscovery of themselves while asking what real beauty is and what aging skincare “should be.” As women, we are exposed to impactful marketing at such a young age; marketing that focuses on looks NOT ingredients. As this changes it is vital to start embracing our bodies for what they are and nourishing them with skincare with ingredients that won’t harm your skin. We continue to grow and learn to love the skin we are in despite media telling us that aging has to be hidden or that it isn’t beautiful. Read more>>

Peter Thomas Moosbrugger | Owner

The single most important life principle I have is my active pursuit of getting uncomfortable. I learned at an early age that if I was willing to get more uncomfortable in whatever I was doing or whomever I was competing against I would usually do well even if I wasn’t the smartest or fastest or strongest, etc. Being willing to push into being as uncomfortable as I can tolerate has been a great tool in the successes I’ve had in my life thus far. Read more>>

Eli Hall | Landscape Maintenance & Cleanup Service

Simplifying my process down to the sales journey and answering phones to ideal client and service offerings. Learning to say “no” when it does not fit our strategy. Read more>>

Rev Paula T Webb PhD | Wall Street GURU & Trading Psychology Founder

“You have to be determined to create your own path to success. When you no longer subscribe to what anyone else has told you – about what you can or can’t do, or who you can or won’t be – then you are firmly on your way to achieving your trading and financial goals.” My clients run the spectrum of all work environments including traders entering the game of trading from other careers; with many others still working at different careers while learning how to trade as well. Current and past clients range from secretaries, engineers, doctors, attorneys, carpenters, mechanics, homemakers, caregivers…in other words people with all levels of education and professional experience. Keep in mind you do not have to have any type of advanced degree or business experience to be able to create the mindset of success to achieve and sustain your financial goals! Read more>>

Leslie Blalock | Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

I think one of the most important things to keep in mind as a business owner is you will need to continue growing , adapting and feeling passionate about what you do. As the years pass and you must keep investing in your business and continue learning. I truly believe this is why I have been able to still be here after 9 years and get to do this full time. In this span of 9 years I have read, watched countless videos, attended workshops internationally, trying new techniques and gear, and continue to adapt. You can stay true to the type of business you want to have or style you want. And still aspire to learn more and branch out and try new things. Always keep growing. Read more>>

Rich Morgan | Owner

Undoubtedly, the most important factor behind both mine and Magic Touch Mechanical’s success over the last two decades is the people on our team. Not only our front-line technicians and installers that meet with our clients every day, but also our management team, customer service reps, and all the other people that work behind the scenes making sure our product (the service we provide) is the best value in our market. Read more>>

Dave Streen | Patented Product Developer & Marketing Strategist

The most important factor to the success of EdgyTools, LLC is marketing with a personal touch. Joe Polish of Genius Network and I Love Marketing in Tempe, AZ has personally taught me and helped thousands other successful entrepreneurs learn to market their companies with his ELF™ strategy. ELF is an acronym for Easy, Lucrative, and Fun. My other companies were always very corporate and prim and proper. That was boring and cold so I went the complete opposite direction with EdgyTools. Our target market is men who work on cars so we have a lot of fun with innuendoes and silly cartoon versions of our mascot (Edgy Gator). Our clients absolutely love the refreshing and fun brand and they tell us so every day. We also focus on the personal touch. We send personal hand written notes out with most of our order and always try to do something extra and unexpected. Read more>>

Franchesca Lynch | CEO, Health Coach, Bio-Hacker & Medical Nutrition Expert

When brands are successful, clients are happy and getting results. The success of Fran’s Kitchen comes from understanding nutrition, mastering the art of bio-hacking and being able to deliver results in both our virtual nutrition business and our meal delivery service. Business is about people and the value you can bring to their life with your services. Our goal at FK is to change your life with every interaction, recipe and meal. Read more>>

Dave Leedy | Founder & CEO

Innovation. Innovation of products in the energy/power industry that existing companies failed to improve upon. Read more>>