Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Ryan Fidrick | DP & Landscape Photographer

For me, it is all about the journey. The choice to follow a creative path has taken me places I otherwise most likely would never have considered going. It’s a long shot that I would have decided to climb an active volcano before sunrise, attended fashion week, or have had the opportunity to work with and learn from filmmakers I admired as a child if it not for this path. The camera has served as my passport on this journey; the creative process has challenged me to be my best self, expanded my skill set, and strengthened my connection with others. Read more>>

Mary Reynaud | Singer, songwriter, musician, dancer, handcrafter

Well well well… This question is very interesting and I am kind of speechless in front of it. But… trying to answer it will be for sure a very interesting way to start the interview and introduce myself don’t you think? Something is disturbing me is this question, let me try to figure it out… Read more>>

Igor Shrayer | Software Engineer & Artist ( painting, photography, digital art)

I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, and I’ve always been passionate about art for as long as I can remember. After finishing high school, I studied computer programming at University and became a software programmer. When I was interested in photography, I used my experience and my ability to combine art with computer knowledge to create an innovative take on art. Choosing an artistic career wasn’t a matter of choice for me – It was my natural calling and a way for me to express myself clearly since I always loved art and wanted to create from the heart. Read more>>

Dawn Jefferson | Nurse and Photographer

Many years ago while quickly flipping through a magazine, I came across an image by Dorothea Lange titled “Migrant Mother” which made me pause. It was so strikingly gritty and emotive. The two children with recent haircuts hiding their faces, the baby in the woman’s arms seemingly asleep, the tattered and dirty clothes, and of course the woman’s posture and expression all made for a scene I couldn’t help but study. There was so much story there and I wanted to know more. Did the kids turns their heads out of embarrassment due to their new haircuts or because of the way they were living or simply because they were shy in front of the camerawoman? Read more>>

Nicole Biello | Actress

I’m pursuing a career in acting because I am absolutely in love with it. Film/TV has impacted me in ways that have changed my life in the best way, and my ultimate goal is to do the same for others. I’ve turned to entertainment for many reasons. Sometimes I’m looking to get out of my head and laugh a little, to experience something new, or just to pass the time. At other instances, I’m hoping to see struggles similar to my own depicted on a screen. New seasons of shows, upcoming feature films, etc… Read more>>

Chachii | Licensed Nail Tech & Press On Nail Artist

Naturally, I’m an artistic person so being a part of the nail community was an almost no brainer for me. I’ve always done my own nails and used to draw for fun as a child. Creativity is a form of expression and it’s also how I keep my brands reputation. I enjoy fun, over the top nail art. Being an artist never gets boring. Everything inspires me! Colors, fashion prints, you name it. Over time I’ve developed my own style of nail art that (I think) has helped me to stand out in such an over saturated market. Yes it’s fun to follow trends but I always like to add my own flare to my designs. Read more>>

Janay Woods | Cosmetologist & Owner Nayblessedhands

I pursued this career, too enhance women beauty and too have them feeling good about themselves! Its a struggle to go through sometimes when you go from high density, length and texture hair to low density, and that’s when I come in and be transparent with my clients. I educate my clients and also let them know, you are no less of a woman because you’re going through hair loss. So my goal is too uplift my clients and grow their hair! Read more>>