By far the most common conversation we have with the folks we interview is about work-life balance. Starting a business or pursuing a creative career makes finding work life balance really tough because there is no clear start and end to one’s work day. We’ve shared some of our conversations on the topic below.

Alex Koupal | Life Path Coach and Business Consultant

Work life balance has changed drastically over time! I think as I’ve gotten older and more secure with who I am and what I’m capable of, it’s been easier to set boundaries and not constantly be in this state of trying to prove myself. With age also came wisdom and less anxiety. As I worked through my own past and started on a healing journey, I began to recognize that life is about more than making money and climbing the ladder. Read more>>

Tanya Brown | Tanya Brown| Yoga Instructor, Coach, & Wellness Facilitator

“Balance is a slice of chocolate cake today and a kale salad tomorrow.” – Tanya I think this is a great question, especially during Mental Health Awareness Month. I believe I take balance more seriously now in terms of work and personal life. I believe it’s important to perfect your craft however it is equally important to check in on your physical and mental body. As a Yoga Instructor and Wellness Facilitator, I am constantly reminded to practice what I preach. To create time to prioritize the things that give me joy outside of my work. Read more>>

Nate Morris | Filmmaker & Music Producer

My work-life balance is something that is always in constant tension. I recently got married it has become a more serious focus as I desire to show my wife that she is my first priority, but we all sacrifice, especially in the early stages of business. Read more>>

Darryl Jones | Filmmaker & Video Producer

A lot can be said about this. The pursuit of a filmmaking career is a lifelong endeavor that defies the boundaries of work/life. It takes all your love, your heart, your mind, your energy and your money. However, if you kill yourself doing it, what’s the point? Do I want to run myself into the ground as the price of success? Hell no. So work/life balance is really about lifestyle and how you show up in your daily life in everything that you do. Get rest, stay hydrated and be present with the people around you. Read more>>

Jhoneil Centeno | Published Fine Art Painter and Wildlife Photographer.

After graduating from the Pasadena Art Center College of Design, I landed a job at a computer game company about 50 miles from my house. . Back in those days, a 10-13 hour work day is normal. I was young and did not mind the long drive and the long hours. The company was nice and I made a lot of friends. I work for several more game companies after that first one. All with long hours and long commute.. In 2009, I left my last video game company and took a 2 year hiatus from work. I studied different things. I learned how to build ukuleles and guitars, I also concentrated more on my own artwork and painted big canvases of figures. Read more>>

Marcus Maximo | Founder, CEO at Natural Farm Pet

Balance is everything, specially if you have family and kids, finding balance is pretty much mandatory for a healthy and happy life. I go beyond to say that it means “to be present in the moment” for real, meaning that If I’m playing with my son, my heart and soul is there with him, not thinking in whatever has to be done at work or anywhere else. And it was not always like that, In my work I use an app on my phone to communicate with my team and I was connected 24/7. Read more>>

Sandra Sorenson-Kindt | Author , Mother & Corporate Trainer

responsibilities. It’s my strategy of choice. “Doing it all, all at once” has taunted my competitive spirit for decades. My approach to multi-tasking was simple. Like a vending machine—I figured if I put something in (planning & effort), I’d get something out (desired results). Simplistic, but it made sense to me. . . until it didn’t. Read more>>

Amanda Collins Coder | Business Founder & Shoe Lover

years. And even more so through covid. Early in my career I was helping to grow a global business which meant a lot of travel and time away from home. It was more a ‘work’ period in my career. And after years of working like that I made a deliberate choice to create a balance that I did not have. Read more>>

Shareen Medina | Content Creator + Boutique Owner

I have 2 businesses of my own (blogging/content creation & an online boutique) as well as work a FT job and I have 2 children so work/life balance isn’t easy. During the week when I get in from work, my focus is 100% on my family – homework, play time, dinner, bath time and then they are off to bed. After that is when I can dedicate time to my businesses – I am a night owl so that works for me. On the weekends my husband is also a big help in keeping a balance as he will keep the kids busy so that I can focus on work or shoot content for an hour or two. Pre scheduling things, especially social postings, helps keep that balance as well. Read more>>

Breanna Naegeli | Dean, Performance Psychology Consultant

Early in my career, I dedicated 12-hour days, on 5 or 6 days a week for years. To me, it never felt like an overwhelming 60-70 hour work week because I was passionate about my role, my purpose, and was fueled by the grind and challenge of the start-up work climate. My husband was always very supportive of my career and continually encouraged me, so I kept this pace for years. It wasn’t until I had children that I was forced to redefine “balance.” I now have three children all under age 5, so “balance” is the name of the game. I have had to acknowledge all the roles I play in life – both within my career field, at home and in my personal life. Read more>>

Daniell Darling | Life Insurance Broker + Entrepreneur

Balance, what a simple word and when applied to anything in life it seems to bring what we feel is perfection. With life though balancing isn’t as easy as it is with a scale. My life has never been easy to balance, nor have I ever obtained that “perfection” feeling for very long. Im a Military wife who moves every 2-3 years because my husbands job requires it. I’m a mom of now 6 wonderful littles ranging from 13 down to (almost) 2, I am an Entrepreneur to fulfill my need to create and share. I’m also a friend, a chef, a driver, a Christian, a leader, a master in creating a new home anywhere and so many things, as you see the list is practically never ending, Read more>>