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Hi Daniell, have there been any changes in how you think about work-life balance?
Balance, what a simple word and when applied to anything in life it seems to bring what we feel is perfection.

With life though balancing isn’t as easy as it is with a scale. My life has never been easy to balance, nor have I ever obtained that “perfection” feeling for very long. Im a Military wife who moves every 2-3 years because my husbands job requires it. I’m a mom of now 6 wonderful littles ranging from 13 down to (almost) 2, I am an Entrepreneur to fulfill my need to create and share. I’m also a friend, a chef, a driver, a Christian, a leader, a master in creating a new home anywhere and so many things, as you see the list is practically never ending,

So how do I think about balance?

I think balance comes in many forms, family – happiness – time – love – self care – spiritual – mental health and many more. Achieving true balance that never moves, I feel isn’t achievable, unless you stop growing and stop changing. With each move you make in life you need to rebalance or reset. Priorities change and shift with each new adventure added to your life.

Over my life time balance has changed in more ways then I could begin to count. I think the the trick is to not be scared of the unbalanced times, to lean into them because those are times when the best lessons are learned, the most growth is made and for me personally, when I’m being challenged to bring my best to the table.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
My finest most proud moments will always be what I achieve as a wife and mother. I was that first long before I joined this world of Entrepreneur. With that being said I am also so thankful for the ability to work from home because of this new world I found. I have not have to easiest road but it also wasn’t as hard as others.

If Im 100% honest my road was rough because I was trying to figure out, what do I want to do and be known for? I did a lot of trial and error job until I finally realized that I wanted to help people. Yes, I know in a sense everyone wants to help people, but I knew I wanted to do something truly life changing for others. I use to work for a company thats products helped me lose over 60 pounds. I helped others lose weight, started my own weight loss work out group, had apparel made, youtube videos and more. I thought it was what I wanted. I mean I was helping people in a life changing way right? It wasn’t it, no matter what I did I wasn’t truly happy and it became a very heavy weight on me to worry about so many others. I truly stressed and was heart broken when they would fail or even quit. I tried to always be there and be motivating and be uplifting for them.

To those of you who work in this field or any like that, I APPLAUD YOU! This line of work takes a tole on you that I wasn’t prepared for, and really had a tough time finding that balance of emotions. I started looking for something else with out even realizing I was. My heart and head knew I needed something else that was just as impactful but not as emotionally draining.

I was introduced to a company called Family First Life and loved what they stood for and what the company did. I was excited to be helping others in a time of need that most dont fully think of or realize they could be totally prepared for. This was it, I was going to be a Life Insurance Broker.

I currently am helping families get covered with Life Insurance so incase of an accident, loss of job, disability or worse death their loved ones are protected and taken care of. What does that mean though right, well it means that when someone passes the Funeral Expenses are paid for, your loved ones can keep their house for as long as you want them to. You can even have debts paid off. Why is this important and needed? So many loved ones have to drain savings or take out loans to take care of these. Having coverage means they dont have to worry, stress or go into debt at a true time of need but instead cause just mourn, adjust and try their best to move on.

So many people need help in this area of life and thing that their job insurance is enough or will last forever. Sadly it wont and then what do you have, nothing. Getting covered as young as you can and not waiting till you’re older, allows you to have a low premium that can easily be paid so you will never have to choose or lose it.

I also have another job I have found that is so unbelievable I still can’t believe Im apart of something so wonderful. I work with Deluxe Networking Program which is a company that is helping communities rebuild their businesses. I get to help and support others with their businesses to rebuild their communities back after the shut down. We are People4People, a community initiative to support our small business, create a better local economy, and secure the supply chain.

I have finally found my true purpose in helping people make real changes in their lives that effect not only themselves but the ones around them as well. I love that with one phone call I can help a family be protected or a business gain support to grow.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
I love being able to get out an about now. Having that taken away for so long makes you really cherish the ability to do it at a moments notice.

If you were to come visit me I’d show you some of the best things Kingman, Az and surrounding areas have to offer.

We would have to get a yummy breakfast at Ma & Pa’s Hot Rod Cafe. It has an amazing food I totally recommend getting Pa’s Plate to eat. Its 2 pancakes or 1/2 french toast with sausage eggs and bacon!

One thing that is a must here are seeing Oatman Village. It has amazing old western shoot outs, burros walking all over you can pet and love, but the best part it is was where 2 prospector struck gold and continued to until they reached over $10 million dollars worth. The town was named after Olive Oatman and her story of being enslaved by Indians is an unbelievable one. This has to be one of our stops.

We will also have to do as many hikes as we could cause the views here in the desert, in my opinion, are the most beautiful and grandest views you’ll ever see. We can do ones like White Cliffs Wagon and Monolith Garden, do Aspen Peak Trail and Hualapai Peak Trail. You will be beat but it will be worth it!

Lunch would be best served with a side of train and fun pictures. What am I talking about, well we would have to go snag up some grub at Dr. D’z Route 66 Diner. Such a fun atmosphere inside and out. We will have all the cool colorful selfies with the most epic train, cute cars that have eyelashes and even get to do a drive thru picture under the old route 66 sign!!!

We could also head over to Vegas, the Grand Canyon and many more places with many more adventures! I truly love this little town of Kingman!

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
I would love to give a very big shout out to a few people who have made lasting impression’s on me.

First my husband, you have given me more gifts and blessings then I know what to do with. You have always supported and encouraged me to go after what I’ve needed to be fulfilled with my life. You have helped me find who I am outside of being a mom and wife. In our life together we have traveled all over and lived in so many different places thanks to the Military Life that’s ever changing. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made of the years and continue to make that gives us a better life. We have met amazing people along the way that have helped shape us as a couple and family but also has helped shape me and who I am.

Thank you to my amazingly wild and full of life littles. They have always stood behind me in all my adventures of being a working stay at home mom. You have encouraged me to go bigger in my dreams, want more for myself and have helped me “lose” most of that mom guilt by letting me know how proud you are of me.

I’d also like to thank my friend and mentor Kim Ward. She is someone who fell into my life through a shared business and she opened my eyes up to so many things in the online business world. She helped me not be scared to put myself out there, that it was ok not to be perfect and that the time is NOW. Just do it and then get better at it. She taught me how to properly use online sites for business like FB, Clubhouse, Insta, Reels, Tiktok and more. She helped me create my own virtual spider web, which is the coolest thing ever! I am forever grateful to her guidance and friendship.

Lastly I’d like to thank anyone who has worked under me, with me or who I have worked for. Everyday I learned new lessons both big and small and was able to edit how I worked, presented myself and the best way to reach others. Thank you all so much for being a vital part of my adventures.

Website: www.lifeprotected.org

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