Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Brandon T. Adams | Emmy Award Winning Producer and host of Success in Your City TV Series

My Success has come from me taking daily action towards my goals. Many people think, strategize, and plan but they don’t take the necessary action towards their success. Some other key components to my success have been building relationships with the right people in business. Over the years I have built some high-level relationships through my events, podcasting, and tv show. These relationships have turned into massive profits. Video Marketing is also a game-changer for me! Read more>>

Amanda + Stephanie Long | Co-Owners, Hot Air Expeditions

There are many aspects that go into making a hot air ballooning experience appear seamless, and operate efficiently, however, the biggest factor that we feel has impacted our company’s success is teamwork and a positive attitude. Our office staff, kitchen personnel, FAA certified repair station, pilots, and crew members all have to work together towards a common goal, and without this success is not possible. Read more>>

Ric Serrano | President & CEO, Serrano’s Mexican Restaurants

“Faith. Family. Food.” These values have always been at the core of the Serrano family and we continue to be guided by our Catholic faith and commitment to family to this day. Over the years, our family has built a strong connection to our community based on these shared values. Serrano’s originally opened in September 1919 in Downtown Chandler with $10,000 worth of dry goods inventory and it was called The Serrano Brothers Popular Store. The “Serrano Brothers” were Albert and Luis Serrano. Albert was my grandfather and my father, Ernie, was his son. Over the past 101 years, our family has operated dry goods stores, several independent clothing department stores, Sonoran-style Mexican restaurants and a breakfast/lunch establishment called Brunchies. The common thread with these enterprises was the Serrano name and brand recognition, particularly in Chandler, Ariz., but also throughout the entire East Valley. Read more>>

Cinque Smith | Freelance Commercial Illustrator & Portrait Artist

The most important factor to my success thus far has been my family. Without a strong base and support group I wouldn’t be in the situation that I am in now. They saw how hard I worked then and currently work now at my craft, and they pushed me to showcase it and share it with the world. I actually used to be quite the introvert as it pertained to my work. Fearful that my talent wasn’t great enough to be on the highest stage with others, always letting in self doubt. Read more>>

Allison Kierman | Estate Planning & Probate

I care about my clients. My goal is to create a relationship and atmosphere where my clients feel they can share their family story with me. I listen and incorporate the story and the client’s wishes into the estate plans I draft. I also take the time to explain the legal documents to my clients in a way that they will understand. I want all my clients to feel confident in their plans and relieved that they have protected their families in the event of an emergency. Read more>>

Kori Martz | Spiritual Life Coach

Being Authentic is the most important factor behind my success. In my opinion authenticity, originality and honesty is what brings me and others the best possible outcomes I can say through my experience! When others need assistance and help to remove obstacles from their lives, I offer knowledge, honesty and insight into their situation. When others succeed, we all succeed! Read more>>

Chelsea Drysdale | Fashion & Beauty Blogger

I started Jet Set Pretty because I’ve always loved and been the go-to girl for anything style-related for my family and friends, so I wanted to share that with a bigger audience if I could. I blog and share about my current favorites in fashion, designer dupes & splurges, makeup, beauty products, and my Christian faith. All of which I would share with those close to me, and still do! There is nothing that makes my heart so incredibly happy than knowing I made someone feel more confident. It’s so important that people realize their worth, and if I can use my passion to do so then I’m doing the right thing. We’re all everyday jet setting babes, whether it’s working, traveling or simply hustling through life- I think everyone deserves to feel gorgeous and their best-selves doing so. Read more>>

Daniel Davis | Creative Hooligan

We started back in 2004 by simply following our passion; creating friendly cartoony monster arts. We put our original ideas on prints, in books, on t-shirts, pint glasses, on patches… and we had a measure of success. We were able to quit our day-jobs, and make stuff, and travel all around the country selling our wares. But it wasn’t until we added STORY to our work (the Monster Rangers story) that brought all of these random characters and ideas together, that cool stuff started happening for us. Eventually – somehow – we ended up serving our very own community of nerdy monster-loving camping folks, called “the Monster Rangers.” Now, we serve THEM. We focus on creating stories, art, products, events – ideas really – that try to help inject creativity into their (and our) lives. Read more>>

Tori Levitt | Owner & Canine Concierge

While many factors apply, the single most important is the employee (Independent Contractor) who represent our company brand and values when interfacing with both client and guest. My pet nannies are the backbone of Doolittle’s Doghouse and make me proud every day! Read more>>

Tommy D’Ambrosio | Executive Chef

One of the most important factors that was a driving factor in my success, was having a strong foundation within my pursuit. Success is something that you must put work into and it does not happen overnight. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to be able to work for many great Chefs and gain both knowledge and experience from them. Along with this, I went out and got a Hospitality degree from Scottsdale Community College, then shortly after graduated from The Culinary Institute of America located in New York. After this, I continued to pursue my passion and graduated from the Greenbrier Apprentice program, where I was able to take my skills to the next level. Ultimately the success of a brand relies on the work you put into it and the ability to adapt to changes quickly. Read more>>