Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Heidi Thompson | The “Legacy Lifeguard” (Estate Planning Attorney)

Estate planning is very misunderstood in many ways. 1. Even the name is deceiving. Estate planning sounds like it is only for the wealthy. Many would think, “I don’t have an estate, so I don’t need an estate plan.” But without a plan, the state uses its own laws to divide your belongings when you die. And it requires your money to pay for that process. 2. There’s more than just a death plan. Good estate plans also prepare for emergencies, extended trips, and incapacity. 3. It’s not just for the old. There are different plans at different stages of life. Even an 18 year old young adult needs a plan so that, in an emergency, parents can make medical and financial decisions. Co-habiting and engaged couples need a plan to give their intended the legal voice to speak for them. Parents need to assign guardianship and may want guidelines for parenting and spending as their children grow up. Seniors may want to ensure that the values they’ve built into their families and community continue–leaving more in a legacy than money. Read more>>

Luke Brenes | aka Cursor / Producer & DJ

I would say one thing is how diverse electronic music really is. Edm is always used as an umbrella term but there’s so many different genres and sub genres that bring different sounds and grooves to the table. Read more>>

Eric O’Connell | Commercial and Corporate Photographer & Educator

One thing that is misunderstood about our industry is what a collaborative process it is to be creative, and how much production goes into a photograph. I liken it to a popular band, or recording artist making a new recording: even the “garage band” or the artist who did it all in their ‘bedroom’ has been polished by engineers, producers, and others by the time it becomes a multi-million dollar selling song, or album. There are no shortcuts. It seems easy to take a photo. And, in and of itself, it is. Press a button; modern cameras make it look pretty good. But, to take a photo that meets a clients needs, tells a story, enhances a brand, and taps into the psyche and soul of the intended audience takes much more than pushing a button. Choices made at many levels of the production require collaboration between art directors, photo editors, communication and marketing directors, stylists, hair & makeup artists, assistants, PA’s, retouchers, producers, location scouts and many other parties involved. Read more>>