Making friends as an adult can be HARD.  Some people are exceptionally good at making friends regardless of the stage of life they are at, but for most people we’ve spoken with making friends a few years out of school can be pretty tough, especially if you have recently moved to a new city.  Check out some interesting perspectives below.

Drea Holland | Personal Trainer & Specialist in Nutrition and Women’s Fitness

It’s funny, but I feel like making new friends as an adult is actually easier than ever before. With social media you have the opportunity to see what people are about. What’s important to them and who they really are, so you know right away if the two of you click. For me I had to discover who I was in order to be a good friend. Once you are happy and secure in your own life, your efforts to reach out and love others are authentic and fueled by love instead of the need for acceptance and you know right away who is good for you (your life, family and professional brand), and who to not grow as deep with! Read more>>

Liz Vaughn | Artist & Poetry Lover

Open your heart, be honest and be genuine. The value of true friendship cannot be simply enumerated. Really, how do you measure the immeasurable? Friendship is not a currency that you can take to the bank, there are no balance sheets. This makes it one of life’s most treasured and valued gifts. The feelings that we broker in are visceral, a direct path to our heart. These friends, these confidants, have the best seat in the house. They wait patiently in the wings, watching our theatrical production called “Life”. We trust our friends with our secret defeats, our desires to succeed, and our most precious dreams. Read more>>

Dr. Melissa Estavillo | Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I love this question! Forming health adult friendships can be surprisingly difficult. Introvert and extrovert alike, setting out to make a good friend is so much harder than finding a new job, starting a business or heck even starting a romantic relationship. It’s crazy! But the reason I think it is so hard for us to make lasting quality friendships in adulthood is because much of our culture signals that adult friendships are not really all that necessary. Read more>>

Valerie McMullen | Artist

I think as we grow older making new friends may be something that many adults will be faced with at some point in their lives. We may move away from our homes for education or a new job. Putting down roots may mean establishing new relationships as well. Some of the best ways I have found to form new friendships is to join groups or organizations for activities which are of a personal interest. I joined local art organizations, hiking groups and became a volunteer for an animal shelter. It was through these activities that I formed many lasting friendships. Read more>>

Pixie Hernandez | Model

Making friends has always been a struggle for me. The majority of my life I’ve suffered from severe anxiety, depression, & other mental illness. Because of this as an adult I rarely left the house. I was afraid. I feared judgement. More recently my condition has gotten to a much more manageable point. I’ve realized something, people are so much more understanding than I expected them to be. I was able to make friends very easily just by being open with people. I think that is the key. We need to be open & unafraid of letting people see & know who we are. Read more>>