Swipe left, swipe right.  So easy. So convenient.  And yet we hear from so many about how even though apps have made some parts of the dating experience easier they have also introduced new challenges to the world of dating.  Below you’ll find a few stories and perspectives from the community.

Matt Hinshaw | Photographer

Online dating is tough especially for someone like me. I am in the middle generation. Not quite a millennial and not quite gen-x. I grew up meeting and dating people in the “real” world and had to transition into almost exclusively online dating. I have been online dating for years and it finally stuck! My current girlfriend, who I have been dating for 6 months now, I found online using Facebook’s new dating service. The most frustrating experience I have had with online dating is trying to get a woman to actually reply back to you. I have tried many different approaches from short and sweet, to being funny, to telling them my life story. Read more>>

Alexandria Rizik | Writer/Filmmaker

I get the whole online dating thing and I’ve used it myself in the past. I actually started using it when we all had to go into quarantine/isolation due to Covid-19, but I’m off it now. It’s too freaky. It’s weird how a person can make themselves look totally different online than they look in real life. It freaks me out. One weird experience I had on a dating app was when I was on Hinge and this guy on there liked my photo. He was older, like in his fifties. When I clicked his profile, I recognized him but I couldn’t place exactly from where. Later on, I was on Facebook and a friend from high school posted a picture with her family and I realized the guy that had liked my photo on Hinge was her dad! Read more>>