We had the good fortune of connecting with Lexie Wilson and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Lexie, can you walk us through the thought-process of starting your business?
Honestly? I wanted to make my own rules! haha I’m a Capricorn – and so we are GREAT at knowing what to do and how to do it. It makes us fantastic leaders – but it’s a bit challenging to showcase that strong skillset when you’re required to simply “shut up” and “do your job”. lol

Professionally; I’m a former Therapist and Social Worker. I was drawn to that field because I love to give to others. I feel most alive when I’m able to live in the energy of integrity and service. However; I quickly learned that there are a lot of “rules” to follow in these fields and most of those “rules” go to benefit someone else’s “pockets” and not the needs of the people.

For years; I felt like I had to compromise on my values in order to keep my job and I hated that. I hated being overworked, underpaid, and undervalued. Not only by some of my clients – but mainly by the organizations I was working for.

With the rise of social media; I saw an opportunity to use my natural skills of listening (and leadership) to transfer my skillset over into my own coaching business. And thus; The Lexie Wilson, Inc. was born. By becoming my own boss – I got to choose my hours, my pay, and most importantly – I got to stay within the lines of my mission. I get to use “alternative” tools to help my clients create the life they want – whether that’s true reading their Astrological Birth Chart, processing through limiting beliefs, or using the Emotional Freedom Technique to release energy that is holding them back. There are no limits to what I’m able to use to serve my clients and there is no one requiring me to leave my morals at the door in order to get my “job” done.

And that’s why I started my own business!

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
I’m a Professional Manifestation Teacher, Astrologer, and Intuitive and I help women find their purpose according to their birth chart and then show them how they can monetize their passions. I created this business – because it was exactly what I needed! I wanted to know my purpose because I felt called to BE more. I always felt like I was meant to do something “BIG” but I didn’t know what that was. I thought it was to be a famous actress or singer – as most kids who think they are “meant for more” think. However; I’ve learned that when someone feels that calling to be “BIGGER” than their current circumstances it doesn’t have to be related to fame or Hollywood. lol

That feeling is within the individuals who are here to CREATE the life they want. They are designed to intentionally design their life and that’s why they feel called to change where they are.
For me; I’m most proud of my ability to know this. For years; I felt so lost. I felt like a failure compared to my friends because the standard “jobs” didn’t fit me.
I had too much integrity for social work; which sounds like a humble brag. haha But it was actually something I felt really upset about. I felt like my desire to do the “right thing” is why I couldn’t get ahead. I was too sensitive and “too fair”. And I wanted to try and be more “aggressive” to get promoted or get respect – but I couldn’t.

Now; I know it’s cause my integrity was pointing me away from the path I was on and down the path towards self healing, leadership, and creating spaces for others like me to do the same with their passions.

This journey wasn’t easy and I’m still figuring it out. Some months in my business are insanely profitable and I feel amazing and other months – I’m filled with doubt wondering if I made the right decision. However; through this process of entrepreneurship I have been forced to look at my own limiting beliefs and fears. I’ve been pushed to trust myself and give myself permission to be as strong and talented as I know I can be.

I want the world to know; you do NOT have to compromise who YOU are in order to make money in this world. You CAN write your own story and use your NATURAL BORN GIFTS to create WHATEVER life you want. The world may stop telling you that “you can do anything” after a certain age – but you won’t hear those words come from me. Cause I not only BELIEVE you can – I’m living PROOF that YOU can.

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
I have to say; I actually just moved here! So I don’t know any spots at all! I need some of those friends to show ME where all the fun spots are! haha Part of my story is that I always wanted to live out West. I’m originally from New York but I just relocated from Orlando, FL to out here.
When my lease ended; I felt called to just drive West – I had always wanted to live there and so I did. I packed up my car & my cat and drove until I found a city that I felt called to stop and live in. And I found it, then found an apartment, and moved! And I’ve loved it ever since! Since I’m still learning where things are; Pinterest and the explore page on Instagram have been my go to places for finding out what the locals do for fun!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
One of my best friends; Kelly Espino. https://www.instagram.com/itskellyespino/

Kelly is an Inner Child Healing coach and because I have a very troubled childhood – I really needed a lot of healing and space to expand. I was afraid to shine, trust my vision, and listen to my intuition due to the trauma I experienced. However; in working with Kelly – I was able to learn just how strong and powerful I truly am and always have been.
I’ve been able to heal myself through working with her and it has allowed me to create financial independence for myself, which I’ll always be eternally grateful to her for that!

Website: www.thelexiewilson.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thelexiewilson/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/LexieWilson/

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