We had the good fortune of connecting with Rachelle Acevedo and Nicole Rideau and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Rachelle and Nicole, can you talk to us a bit about the social impact of your business?
In the simplest answer, we help people effectively heal, in a holistic way. But please allow me to break that down a bit more and explain why we believe that healing is so vital to the community and the world. Having worked as a Certified Life & Healing Coach with so many people over the years, I began to see the patterns of how much harder life becomes as the years add up. Why is that? Why does resentment, cynicism and struggle become so common in adults? We propose that as we age, people hurt us and we hurt other people. The hurt feelings, betrayal, and upset we experience when people dishonor us and the shame and guilt we feel when we harm other people takes a significant toll on what we BELIEVE is possible for us and on what we believe we deserve. We find it harder to trust people, to be vulnerable, to open up. All things that are needed to cause deep connection, partnership and mutual love. Until we effectively heal, we will struggle to be vulnerable, therefore struggling to make these deep connections we wholeheartedly crave with our community, our lovers, our friends, etc. All emotional injuries have the opportunity to shut us down, to diminish our self confidence, and our willingness to welcome in those people that our “unhealed injuries” see as a possible threat. Therefore, causing us to leave too early or on the opposite end of the spectrum, sometimes the hurt from our past tells us there aren’t enough “good” men/friends/jobs/etc., causing us to stay too long. So we stay in situations that don’t serve us or make us genuinely happy. In either situation, the goal of fulfilling, safe, productive connections is lost. The more we lose, the more we tend to believe we will always lose.

However, there is a crystal clear light at the end of the tunnel…that is the effective healing of our emotional wounds. Holy Healing Bali has created a local three night weekend retreat in Flagstaff to do just that. So much so that we have had several therapists attend and offer us their testimonials afterwards. Healing does not have to be a long, drawn out, time consuming, heart-aching process. With us on retreat, it includes tons of illumination, laughter, release and is done within small groups we call tribes. That gets me to the social impact part of the question. We were never meant to live or do life alone. And Holy Healing Bali proposes that trying to heal alone is more of the struggle. We bring people together to heal themselves in the presence of other humans who they intern inspire and heal as well. It’s the community aspect of our retreats that makes the work we do so dang effective! What sets us apart is how we approach life and healing from a holistic perspective. Dealing with what we call the “duality” of life, which is our two states of “being.” Our human and our soul. Learning how they are misaligned and often make us feel so torn between our head and our heart. We address how to heal our “humanness” and realign with our soul. The part of us that is capable of anything and as Liz Gilbert put it “eternally at peace.”

Healing is the foundation of effective manifesting. And each person who leaves healed is a contribution toward a world we all wish to live in. A world where no matter what life or people throw at us, we possess the tools to move forward in a healthy, productive, and loving way. No longer self sabotaging our goals and desires, or hurting others in the process of dealing with our own pain. When we’re authentically happy, we are able to contribute positively to ourselves and one another, while we live the REALITY of our dreams!

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
Holy Healing Bali was founded, simply put, to bring people to Bali, pre-COVID of course! The magic of this enchanted island is like nothing else we ever experienced. After traveling to Bali several times, we declared ourselves as “Bali Ambassadors.” We know the island, we know the people, the best local guides, healers, and accommodations. We’ve “been there and done that” and have worked out all the kinks and learning curves. Bali is not a vacation…when you do Bali with us it’s a transformation!

Now, in this post-COVID world we now live in, we have pivoted from Bali, creating retreats and workshops locally in Arizona. We will return to Bali when safe and allowed to do so, but in the meantime we feel oddly blessed by the experiences of 2020. They forced us to “bring the work” stateside, which so many people had asked us to do previously. We had just been so busy in Bali, we hadn’t made the time. Following international border closings, we have now created retreats & workshops in Flagstaff, Phoenix, Payson, Rocky Point Mexico, and Mexico City. We are excited to continue expanding our reach and adventurous offerings! We believe that travel should transform you! Sending you home more liberated, happy, and with effective tools to create the life you’re meant to live. No one needs our retreats and workshops, but EVERYONE deserves them! Holy Healing Bali is led in partnership by Co-Founders Rachelle Acevedo and Nicole Rideau.

Rachelle Acevedo is a Certified Life, Liberation & Pleasure Coach. She has spent the last nine years and over 1,500 hours studying men, women, transformative personal development and healing. She has also studied under a Traditional Balinese Healer since first meeting him in 2012. She is passionate about assisting people in accessing their FULL potential and greatest fulfillment. She founded Holy Healing Bali along with Nicole Rideau in 2016 after retiring from her successful, yet unfulfilling, corporate career. Rachelle leads group workshops, organizes and facilitates domestic and international retreats, and provides one-on-one coaching for men and women in person and virtually. Rachelle spends her days playing monster trucks and t-ball with her four year old son, who she’s over the moon about. She contributes so much of her own development to what she has coined a “productively failed” marriage.  That “productively failed” marriage illuminated and made it crystal clear what she wants, deserves and desires in her next partnership. Which she then manifested only eight months later! She is committed that any and all of her own personal challenges, suffering and life lessons are not experienced in vain, and they serve others in her sharing, leading, and coaching.

Nicole Rideau is a Spiritual Advisor, Psychic Medium, and Energy Worker also born and raised in Phoenix. She was introduced to the healing power of Bali in 2015. A lunch date, with the well-traveled Rachelle, opened her eyes to the possibilities she was unable to see for 14 years. Like many, the titles of wife and mother had consumed her existence. We’re sure you’ve seen the messy bun mom running the carpool to school, volleyball, and football, her days filled with laundry, and nights spent reading about adventures in healing. Her weekends were spent helping others heal through massage, energy healing, and readings. As her children grew older and more independent she realized it was time to chase her dreams. With the help of an amazing tribe of healers, she took a leap of faith, jumping into a partnership with Rachelle that would lead her to Bali, leaving her forever transformed. One week after she returned home, her 11-year-old daughter squeezed her tightly and said “I don’t know what happened in Bali but you are so different. A good difference, like a bigger happy.” To which she replied, “That’s the power of Bali and exactly why I want nothing more than to share that with the world.” She is now equally as excited to bring the uniquely holistic work she and Rachelle co-lead to Arizona for women and men alike!

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
Camelback Mountain for sure! Those views! It’s worth the work to get to the top! Hey, just like in healing and business! 😉

Postinos! Because those BRUSCHETTA boards! And wine, always the wine!

The Foundry Yoga Studios – Just an absolute must for all your fun and powerful yoga needs!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
We would dedicate our shout out to all our clients, first and foremost. For trusting us with their healing journey. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them! Thank you for being brave and in action, actively creating a life you love! On that note, a shout out to our future clients, who we haven’t even met yet! We’re already so proud of you for being a “YES” to your own healing and your dreams! At Holy Healing Bali we assert that when you’re taking actions aligned with the future you desire you’ll never be denied the things you work for!

Secondly, the inspiration for our company Liz Gilbert and her book Eat, Pray, Love. Through that book she made purposely pursuing our own healing, not only acceptable, but a priority! Without her courage and vulnerability to write about her own journey, we would never have pursued ours and started this social impact business, which we see more as a contribution to women and men all over the world!

Website: www.holyhealingbali.com

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Other: Email: holyhealingbali@gmail.com

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