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Hi Ridge, what was your thought process behind starting your own business?
My brand Transcendence Athletics was birthed from the evolution of my fitness lifestyle, and health issue I overcame my sophomore year of college. I wanted to use fitness to show people they’re capable of more than they know mentally, physically, and spiritually. My senior year of college I created a branding booklet for my brand, and two prototype shirts. The original idea was to show people how to transcend themselves through social media content, and provide workout fitness apparel.

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
One thing that sets me apart when it comes to my Fitness business, is that I not only focus on the body when it comes to training people but also the mind. Everything we do begins in the mind and our habits. That’s why after a few years I also got certified as a life coach. I incorporate this not only in the motivation I provide clients, but also in the mindfulness (meditation) training in the Transcendence signature program. During the program, you are taken through an intense mental and physical transformation that shows you what you’re truly capable of.

One thing I’m most proud of is that Transcendence Athletics not only provides a life changing online fitness program & workout gear, but also a hybrid nutrition company Transcendence Nutrition. Transcendence Nutrition brings supplements and meal prep to the table to provide as much quality and value as possible.

The evolution to get to this point was kicka** I’m not gonna lie. After graduating from college and starting the first LLC for Transcendence Athletics, I had to learn how to battle life not only as a student but as a real adult. College was over and real life began. This is what most people underestimate. You have to be very self aware of what habits you need to strengthen and knowledge you still need to acquire. So in short, I had to “Transcend” myself again. 2018 was when I first incorporated my business, it was also the year I started getting up at 3am and going to sleep at 11pm. I know, not much sleep. However, this is where the Transcendence process came into play. Meditating 15-30min twice a day was the secret. It raised my consciousness and strengthened my resolve. I was working at a paper company at the time while building my business. I was just now finishing up the shirt designs after a few months. I would work on them during my lunch break and after I got home from the gym in the evening.

During my work time in my home office, I would have motivational tapes playing in the background. Some of the greatest success minds helped keep me focused. For example, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins, and Gary Vaynerchuk. This solitude was where I learned to tune out other people and only value my inner voice for the most part. My friend and support circle was getting smaller around this time. The more I evolved the less people wanted to be around me, I learned that most people don’t want you to succeed because it acts as a mirror, and makes them question themselves. They want you to stay stagnant so they can feel comfortable.

I had to stay focused, because in my mind my brand was all I had, and I still think that way.

Running a business is far from making grades in college. There was still knowledge I needed to acquire. For example, how business tax works, everything that goes into a fitness brand/business, how to incorporate your business into social media, how to reach out to investors. So I spent every waking moment researching and reading about all of these topics, writing things down, and asking for advice. You don’t learn business by reading, you learn it by doing. This is a key point you have to learn FAST in business.

If you start a business by yourself, and responsibilities are starting to expand with no money to pay anybody because you’re only making $12/hr from your day job, you have to get really diligent with how you use your time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. So when you say you really want something, “I don’t have the time” is the wrong answer to give yourself. This was primarily why I started the 11pm to 3am sleeping schedule.

A challenge I easily overcame was that I had no money to pay a graphic designer to make marketing materials. This is where my bachelor’s degree in graphic design came in. My graphic skills has saved me thousands of dollars in business. That’s not a skill everyone has. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that, the more skills you have the smoother things go for you.

Transcendence Athletics came from my own personal story when it comes to the fitness lifestyle. This is where it all began for me, and it changed everything. I was a freshman in college sitting at 180lbs from high school football. However, it took a year to lose the physique I built, forged from anger, rage, loneliness, and depression. My freshman year of college I developed intestinal issues that cost me my health, physique, and relationship. However, I got something back in return.

Pathways in my mind that I thought I had exceeded already. Being in excruciating pain everyday and still grinding no matter what, still worked out even though the strain on my core made my insides swell 2x their normal size. I went inside myself to find something greater, because it was up to me to fix it. Medicine the doctors gave me, made my condition worse. I turned to meditating and herbal medicines I researched. When I returned my sophomore year I had a fire lit on the inside waiting to get out. I tested where I was at physically. Bench press barely 135lbs for 5 reps and 185lbs for 1 rep on squat. It hurt to walk at this point because my body was so fragile because of how much weight I had lost. Three months later, I was benching 275lbs and squatting 405lbs.

Nothing is impossible and you don’t always need somebody around to get through something. Use those buried negative emotions to become somebody totally different.

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
Well one of best breakfast spots in Phoenix to me is Elly’s Diner, so we would definitely have to smash breakfast there. For lunch I would say True Food or OAK on Camelback. I always have my cheat desserts on Saturday so I would take them to Novel Ice Cream for a donut with ice cream. Culinary Dropout is a good place for dinner, it keeps the menu choices from getting boring. I think everybody should eat there at least once.

Now when it comes to socially drinking, I don’t drink due to my health & fitness lifestyle. However, places to visit on the other hand would be a different story. I love meeting people in Scottsdale, and the energy is always upbeat. Casa Migos is a nice club to cut loose and have fun every now and then on the weekends.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I would like to dedicate my shout out to my mom, grandparents, and Professors/mentors at Pittsburg University. These were the mentors to my success with everything that I currently have. My Mom Sonja Bedell was the biggest push to help me succeed and grow until I got to college. She instilled a lot of the values in me that I currently have and live my life by.

My Grandparents Joe & Delois Bedell were the next biggest reasons for me getting where I am. They filled the gaps on support whenever I needed it. This was not only all throughout my college days but even after I graduated and started my business.

I would also like to Shoutout Gary Vaynerchuk & Mike Rashid. If you don’t know who these two are, they dominate in their industry on social media. They were my virtual mentors on social media ever since I was in college. Gary provided the business mindset when it came to running my business on Instagram. Mike Rashid gave me the pointers and inspiration to mold my mind state when it comes to fitness.

One person I can’t forget to mention is my cousin Antoinette Ransom. She’s had my back ever since I came to Arizona. I honestly wouldn’t have gotten certain things done in the past eight months if it wasn’t for her. She’s one of my biggest supporters.

Website: www.transcendenceathletics.com

Instagram: @ridgebedell_

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ridge-bedell-b90197119/

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